Hotel sanitary bag - a good partner for women in travel March 16 , 2023
Use of hotel sanitary bag and hotel precautions
The sanitary bag in the hotel is simply garbage. It should be put in the bathroom, and the indecent garbage should be put in it, and then thrown into the trash can. It looks very environmentally friendly. It is also made of environmentally friendly materials.

The hotel sanitary bags in the hotel are used to hold some sanitary articles for women, which can prevent the toilet from being blocked. These bags need to be destroyed in a centralized way, which is only owned by senior hotels. The hotel is a place for guests to sleep and eat.

Precautions for staying in a hotel

1. We should carefully choose hotels to stay in, and avoid staying alone in small hotels with complex environments. Go out early and return early. Don't go out alone.

2. Tell your family the name, telephone number, and scheduled stay time of the hotel. If it is a team tour, you should write down the room number of your teammates.

3. After entering the hotel, you should first check the safety door and safety passage, preferably once, in order to leave quickly in case of danger. At the same time, you should also pay attention to the surrounding safety exit and emergency telephone contact system.

4. Pay attention to the safety of the door and window facilities in the hotel, and fasten the plug in the room before sleeping.

5. Visitors must be confirmed again and again, and strangers are not allowed to enter at will. If there is any problem, you should call the counter to send someone to deal with it.

6. When going out, valuables should be taken with you and not put in the room.

7. When using the hotel elevator, try to stand by the control button. In case of any problem, press the alarm immediately for help.



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