What is the advantage of non woven grow bags March 22 , 2023
What is the advantage of non woven grow bag

For gardeners, pots are indispensable. When comparing different types of flower pots, you will choose the flower pots that can make the plants survive easier. In addition, you will also consider whether it is more convenient to transplant plants. Non woven grow bags provide this advantage. After using non-woven seedling bags, you may not choose plastic or metal flower pots anymore.
non woven seedling starter bags
Now using non-woven grow bags has become a trend and has been loved by many gardeners. So what are the advantages of non woven grow bags? The following will introduce you in detail.

Common potted plants tend to develop tangled root systems. As the roots grow and expand, they form circles, eventually forming a mass of tightly packed roots that inhibits plant growth. When a plant's roots become entangled, it cannot absorb oxygen, water and nutrients from the soil. Eventually, the roots start to surround the pot, causing structural damage to the plant. Due to poor drainage, the roots of the plant will start to rot, causing the death of the plant.  However, this problem can be avoided by using biodegradable grow bags. Biodegradable grow bags are made of non woven materials. The planting bag is permeable, breathable, and pollution-free. The survival rate of seedlings is high. It is the best choice for environmental protection. Because of its breathability, the roots of the plants do not have to be too restricted, so the plants grow better. Because of its water permeability, it will not cause plants to die due to excessive water.

Save time: When your plants need to be transplanted to a larger space, there is easy, no need to remove the plant growth bag, just transplant the bag together to the new space. The biodegradable non-woven nursery bags made of degradable materials can be melted into the soil, making transplantation faster and more effective, without causing harm to the soil, and being environmentally friendly and pollution-free.

Various sizes: This kind of seedling bag has various sizes, whether it is a large plant or a small plant, there are corresponding sizes. Non-woven seedling bags are widely used in nurseries and flowers, vegetables, saplings, etc.

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