• We will have a holiday
    Sep 28, 2023 We will have a holiday
    Tomorrow is the annual Mid-Autumn Festival, where it is traditional for families to get together and enjoy the full moon and eat moon cakes. In ancient Chinese mythology, the Mid-Autumn Festival is the story of Chang 'e to the moon evolved, first Houyi shot off the extra nine suns, and then god gave him a fairy medicine, he did not give up his wife Chang 'e, the medicine to Chang 'e custody, in August 15 this day Chang 'e ate fairy medicine to the moon, Hou Yi miss her, so every year on this day, He will be in the garden on the Chang 'e favorite things to eat, later evolved into a custom, there are also said that people heard that after the moon became immortal, one after another in the moon, to the goddess of the moon pray for peace, after every year so, from generation to generation, it evolved into a festival, because this day is worth the Mid-Autumn Festival, so, people called the Mid-Autumn Festival. This Mid-Autumn Festival and National Festival are same holiday, our company will be on holiday from September 29th to October 6th, and we will work normally on October 7th. Please leave a message or call us if you have any questions. Tianbai and all staff wish you and your family a happy holiday!
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  • What are the laundry bags for hotels?
    Sep 08, 2023 What are the laundry bags for hotels?
    What are the laundry bags for hotels? Hotel laundry bags are used as a dedicated space for guests to store their dirty laundry during their stay. These bags are provided to guests to separate their soiled clothes from clean ones, ensuring hygienic conditions for both guests and hotel staff. The primary purpose of laundry bags is to maintain cleanliness and efficiency in the hotel's laundry operations. They simplify the collection and transportation of laundry for hotel staff, making the overall process more organized and streamlined. Hotels offer a range of laundry bags to cater to diverse needs. Some commonly used types include: Plastic Laundry Bags: Plastic hotel laundry bags are often chosen for their durability, waterproof nature, and cost-effectiveness. They are lightweight, easy to handle, and protect garments from moisture or spills. Biodegradable Bags: Some hotels are adopting biodegradable laundry bags made from materials that break down more quickly than traditional plastic, minimizing their environmental impact. These bags are designed to decompose under specific conditions without leaving harmful residues. Reusable Non Woven Laundry Bags: In recent years, hotels have started transitioning to reusable non woven laundry bags. These bags are more eco-friendly and can be washed and used multiple times, reducing plastic waste and saving costs in the long run. The Way Forward: Sustainability and Innovation: While plastic laundry bags remain prevalent in the hotel industry, there is a growing awareness of the need for sustainable alternatives. Hotels can take steps towards a more environmentally friendly approach by considering reusable cloth bags or biodegradable options. By making conscious choices and embracing innovation, hotels can reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to a more sustainable future.
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  • Congratulations to our company for obtaining CE and RoHS certificates
    Aug 24, 2023 Congratulations to our company for obtaining CE and RoHS certificates
    Congratulations to our company for obtaining CE and RoHS certificates In order to better serve customers and meet customer needs, our company applies for CE and RoHS certification. Through the establishment of a scientific management system, from product raw material procurement to production, we strictly abide by the quality management system of CE and RoHS, improve the quality and safety testing of major products, and finally obtain CE and RoHS certificates under a strict audit mechanism. This shows that our products meet the EU market sales standards, which ensures the environmental sustainability of the products and also reflects our commitment to the production of safe and environmentally friendly products. You can rest assured when you choose our products.
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  • Typhoon is coming
    Jul 31, 2023 Typhoon is coming
    Typhoons, also known as hurricanes or cyclones depending on the region, are large and powerful tropical storms that form over warm ocean waters. The warm waters provide the energy needed for the storm to develop and intensify. Typhoons thrive in an atmosphere that is unstable, meaning there is a rapid decrease in temperature with increasing altitude. This instability allows warm, moist air to rise quickly and form powerful thunderstorms, which are the building blocks of a typhoon. Mother Nature's fury is a force to be reckoned with, and two typhoons that made headlines recently were Typhoon Doksuri and Typhoon Khanun. These powerful storms wreaked havoc in their paths, leaving destruction and displacement in their wake. Let's dive deeper into the impact of these formidable weather events. Typhoon Doksuri: In the end of July 2023, Typhoon Doksuri swept through Southeast Asia, particularly Philippines and Fujian province, China. With wind speeds reaching up to 150 mph, it was labeled as one of the strongest storms to hit Fujian in a decade. Doksuri injured 114 people in Quanzhou, Fujian Province, and caused direct economic losses of 428 million rmb in the province. Typhoon Khanun: According to the Zhejiang provincial meteorological Observatory, on July 30, the center of typhoon "Kanu" is located on the surface of the Ryukyu Islands, is moving north to the west at a speed of about 20 kilometers per hour. It is expected to turn to the northwest on July 31, the intensity will gradually increase, the strongest can reach the level of strong typhoon or super typhoon, on August 1 during the day into the East China Sea, and gradually close to the East China coast. Lessons Learned: These two typhoons highlighted the need for effective disaster preparedness and response. While we cannot prevent typhoons, we can mitigate their impact through proper planning, infrastructure development, and timely response.Governments and communities in typhoon-prone regions must invest in early warning systems, evacuation plans, and resilient infrastructure. Education and awareness programs can empower citizens to take preventive measures during such calamities. In the face of these meteorological monsters, it is crucial that governments and communities unite to protect lives and property, ensuring a safer and more resilient future for all.
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  • New Generation of Potty Liners Revolutionize Convenience and Hygiene
    Jul 12, 2023 New Generation of Potty Liners Revolutionize Convenience and Hygiene
    New Generation of Potty Liners Revolutionize Convenience and Hygiene In an era of innovation and convenience, potty training has just reached a new level of cleanliness and ease with the introduction of advanced potty liners. Designed to enhance the potty training experience for both parents and children, these revolutionary liners are quickly becoming an essential tool in households everywhere. With their disposable nature, potty liners are making cleanup a breeze for parents. No more scrubbing or rinsing required! These liners are leak-proof, ensuring mess-free disposal, and some even come with odor control features to keep unpleasant smells at bay. But it's not just convenience that sets these liners apart. They prioritize hygiene, providing a sanitary barrier between the child and the potty. This not only reduces contact with potential germs but also helps prevent cross-contamination. Parents can now have peace of mind knowing that their little ones are protected against harmful bacteria. With compatibility options available for various potty seats and chairs, these liners cater to different needs and preferences. They come in different quantities, too, offering flexibility based on family size and frequency of use. Furthermore, the environmental impact is not overlooked. Companies have introduced biodegradable liners, allowing parents to choose more eco-friendly options without compromising functionality. This demonstrates a commitment to sustainability and a desire to reduce waste. Parents who have tried these potty liners applaud their efficiency and effectiveness. Stacy Johnson, a mother of two, testifies, "These liners have made potty training a breeze for us. No more messy cleanups or lingering odors. I wish I had discovered them earlier!" With the introduction of this new generation of potty liners, potty training has become more convenient, hygienic, and environmentally conscious. As these liners gain popularity, it's clear that they are reshaping the potty training experience, bringing relief to parents and giggles to toddlers. As always, it's important to choose the right potty liner based on individual needs and preferences. With this innovative solution, potty training becomes less daunting, and families can celebrate each milestone with ease.
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  • China will strive to peak carbon dioxide emissions!
    Jul 04, 2023 China will strive to peak carbon dioxide emissions!
    Since this summer, many parts of the northern hemisphere have experienced extreme high temperatures, which may lead to more frequent, wider, and stronger extreme weather in the context of global warming. According to the "2022 Global Climate Status" report released by the World Meteorological Organization, the global average temperature in 2022 was 1.15 ° C higher than the average from 1850 to 1900. The period from 2015 to 2022 was the hottest eight years since records began in 1850. China will strive to peak carbon dioxide emissions before 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality before 2060. This requires tremendous work, and China will make every effort to meet these goals. Currently, China's installed capacity for renewable energy generation represents one-third of the global total. Last year alone, the global increase in renewable power generation capacity amounted to 300 GW, with China contributing a significant portion at 150 GW. China has the bandwidth, the big data, the technology, the innovation and the knowledge to accelerate this approach. While we are focused on carbon peaking, it's also very important that we have, across the spectrum, partnerships to drive the carbon neutrality agenda.
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  • Wishing you a happy Dragon Boat Festival
    Jun 15, 2023 Wishing you a happy Dragon Boat Festival
    Next week it will be time for the annual Chinese traditional festival of the Dragon Boat Festival. The Dragon Boat Festival is still a very prevalent and solemn festival among the Chinese people. Essential activities on this day include eating zongzi, racing dragon boats, drinking Xionghuang wine and making incense jiaozi. It is said that eating zongzi and racing dragon boats is to commemorate Qu Yuan, so after liberation had named the Dragon Boat Festival as "Poets' Day" to commemorate Qu Yuan. The biggest and most mass event of the Dragon Boat Festival each year is the dragon boat race. Every Dragon Boat Festival, the people of Miluo River spontaneously and solemnly hold a grand dragon boat race to recreate the scene of the rescue of Qu Yuan with wooden boats and fishing paddles. On the day of the Dragon Boat Festival, dragon boats of all colours - green, red, yellow and white - gather on the Miluo River, which looks like a string, an arrow and a sea of people. Dragon boat racing on the Miluo River has been going on since ancient times and is getting better and better every year. In addition to the traditional activities, Tianbai wish you and your family a happy Dragon Boat Festival, enjoy your holiday!
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  • Happy Children's Day - June 1st
    May 25, 2023 Happy Children's Day - June 1st
    Children's Day is celebrated all around the world to honor and appreciate the innocence, joy, and wonder that children bring to our lives. It is a day dedicated to the well-being and happiness of children and is celebrated on different dates in different countries. June 1st Chinese Children's Day is coming soon, originated in the early 1950s. In 1950, the Chinese government established the Women and Children Working Committee, which began to pay attention to the rights and welfare of women and children. In 1951, the Chinese government announced that June 1st would be the International Children's Day. This is the first time that China officially celebrates Children's Day. On this day, kindergarten children usually prepare for the festival by rehearsing songs and dances, making beautiful crafts, playing games with their friends, making small cakes, bread, etc. On this special day, children will put on beautiful clothes and showcase their talents and creativity. Parents will also come to the kindergarten to watch the children's performance and cheer for them. In 1952, the Chinese government changed International Children's Day to Children's Day, in order to emphasize the festival's connection with China's revolution and construction. Since then, every year on June 1, the Chinese government and all walks of life will hold various celebrations to honor the contributions and achievements of children, and at the same time call on the whole society to pay attention to the rights and welfare of children. In China, Children's Day is a very important festival. It symbolizes the country's care and support for children, and it is also the appeal and attention of all sectors of society to children. At this festival, parents and all walks of life will offer their best wishes and care to their children.
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