• Affiliate Program 2022
    Jun 16, 2022 Affiliate Program 2022
    Affiliate Program 2022 Deputy conditions: Have a certain entrepreneurial start-up funding ldentify the company's operating management system and development goals Have a good quality service to provide customers with a sense of safe and secure Have a certain capacity of the management capacity and market development Have the ability to bear civil liability independently of the natural or corporate person Click here to send us a application to bacome one of our agent in your area. Our popular products: Biohazard bags Specimen bags Vomit bags Potty Liners Round bottom liners 5 Gallon pail liner Pastry bags Ziplock bags Slider zipper bags and ect. More products please click here.
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  • Go for it!
    Jun 07, 2022 Go for it!
    Today is 7th June. The first day of the college entrance examination, which is a national unified test set for ordinary colleges and universities. It is generally taken on June 7-8 every year. In recent years, the epidemic repeated. Students and office workers are overwhelmed, still also actively cooperate with the national epidemic prevention policy. Due to the complex situation of epidemic prevention and control this year, the Ministry of Education, together with the National Health Commission, has instructed local governments to assess the situation of the epidemic and students in advance, and arrange test sites according to their categories to ensure that students "should take the exam".  Local test centers will continue to arrange special deputy examiners to be in charge of routine work and emergency response. According to the requirements, the test site, examination room, passageway, door handles, desks and chairs, dormitory and other comprehensive environmental hygiene cleaning and disinfection.  During the examination, after each examination, do a clean disinfection.  After the exam, do a thorough environmental cleaning and disinfection.  In order to ensure that examinees "should test", "smooth college entrance examination", mute, optimize traffic, prevent cheating, various departments around the active linkage, escort for examinees. Total are 601,000 students in Anhui province registered for the exam this year. The weather is fine, students should pay attention to carefully review, stay calm, prepare all necessery documents. No pains no gains, today need to check the knowledge. Tongcheng tianbai plastic hope that every students can get into a good university! Go for it!
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  • World No Tobacco Day
    Jan 01, 1970 World No Tobacco Day
    Since 1989, World No Tobacco Day has been celebrated annually on May 31, because the next day is International Children's Day, in the hope that the next generation will be free from the dangers of tobacco. Tobacco dependence is a chronic disease and tobacco harm is one of the world's most serious public health problems, with smoking and secondhand smoke a serious risk to human health. May 31, 2022, marks the 35th World No Tobacco Day. The theme of this year's Tobacco Free Day is "Tobacco Threatens the Environment. Over 1 million people lose their lives to tobacco each year in China, and 65,000 children die from second-hand smoke related diseases each year worldwide; Third-hand smoke residue on clothes, hair and skin surfaces does not even disappear for months; E-cigarettes are also smoke, increasing the risk of heart disease and lung disease... It is never too late to quit smoking. Forward this moment, do not smoke in public places, do not create second-hand smoke, do not leave third-hand smoke! Not just May 31, every day should be a smoke-free day.
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  • Happy Mother's Day
    Jan 01, 1970 Happy Mother's Day
    Mother's Day in China falls on the second day of the fourth month of the lunar calendar every year, but it is generally celebrated on the second Sunday in May. It is a holiday that was first celebrated regionally in Hong Kong and Macau. After the Chinese economic reform in 1979, the Chinese mainland began to embrace this holiday. Distinguished from other countries, the Chinese people regard Mencius's mother as the paradigm. Mothers would traditionally receive hemerocallis flowers from their sons and daughters on this holiday. But nowadays carnations or forget-me-nots have become alternatives. We can produce OPP film for packing flowers. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us. Tianbai sincerely wishes all mothers happy every day, wish them good health and everything goes well.
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  • Tianbai new employees go to the factory to study
    Jan 01, 1970 Tianbai new employees go to the factory to study
    Since the end of last year, the Tianbai family has joined new employees. We have also formulated a series of special training plans for them, covering photography and image processing, platform operations, customer communication skills, product quotations, etc. Through these, new employees can be familiar with the work content as soon as possible, so as to better adapt to the work . Going to the factory to learn is the most important part for new employees to understand the production process and product knowledge. In early and mid-March, led by old employees, we organized new employees to go to the factory twice. Before going, they have accumulated theoretical knowledge, and through the study in the factory, what they have learned can be more specific and profound. This will allow you to be more confident when communicating with customers and factories in the future. The production in the factory has been relatively busy recently. In addition to visiting and learning, they also actively participated in the production of some orders. We focus on the packaging industry and provide one-stop packaging solutions. If you have needs for plastic bags, non-woven bags and disposable items, please contact us.
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  • Different kinds of degradable materials
    Mar 24, 2021 Different kinds of degradable materials
    In the actual operation of packaging industry, we often use the biodegradable plastic withEPI/D2W starch and the mixed type of complete biodegradable material such as PLA+PBAT. The former is less costly and eventually degrades into plastic fragments(micro-plastics), but how the fragments continue to decompose is a problem, so the environmental conservation of this plastic is currently somewhat controversial. At present, using full biodegradable material is an important trend in the future. The most common materials are PLA, PBAT and starch-based plastic, and a mixture of these in different proportions. The monomeric raw material for PLA is lactic acid, which is generally made by crushing shell crops such as corn, from which starch is extracted and then the starch is made into unrefined glucose. Then the glucose is fermented in a manner similar to the production of beer or alcohol, and finally the lactic acid monomer is obtained through a purification process. Lactic acid monomer has good solvent resistance, biocompatibility, gloss, transparency, and also has certain bacteria resistance, flame retardancy and UV resistance. PBAT is a petrochemical-based biodegradable plastic with good ductility and elongation at break, as well as good impact resistance. The blending of the two material makes the film excellent in several aspects of toughness and gloss, and has great potential in replacing ordinary plastic bags. For more information about degradable material, please contact us for further information. As a company dedicated to the development of new degradation products and the research and introduction of degradation technology for decades, Tongcheng Tianbai Plastic Co., Ltd. has many years of talent and technology reserves to keep at the forefront of innovation. Over the years, we have applied the products of degradation material to various fields. If you encounter problems related to packaging solutions, if you need to know more about degradation material in flexible packaging or other fields, such as PLA garbage bags with drawstring, biodegradable t shirt bags, and so on, welcome you to consult and discuss. If you are interesting, please feel free to send us email to
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    Sep 01, 2021 WHAT IS CAT NO?
    Cat no is referring to the animal cats? Or is mean carton number? Of course not, cat no is mean caterpillar number, in Chinese, it refers to category number, such as product number, model number, factory code, etc. Classifying and numbering articles facilitates identification and access, saving a lot of time and resources. General goods will have a commodity number, that is, the commodity code, is the manufacturer of goods to different goods marked by the unique number, each commodity must have a unique commodity number. 1. The purpose of using commodity numbers is to facilitate the management and identification of different types of commodities. 2. The process of selling and storing goods often requires finer management of similar goods. For example, in the clothing industry, the inventory quantity of the same clothing needs to be managed according to size and color. A manageable unit of size and color is an item number, and each item number has a unique number. Commodity classification management in import and export trade can standardize commodity management, simplify practical operation and facilitate statistical analysis. Commodity code is widely used in import and export customs declaration, export tax and financial accounting. Commodity code is the specific embodiment of commodity classification. Digital coding of goods is easier to file and organize, especially in electronic management systems, no matter how people change, programs and data are not chaotic. Article numbers or codes are not only easy to manage, but also provide detailed corresponding information, such as time and units.
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    From 18th June. to 20th June., the Anhui Package Expo was held in Binhu, Hefei city Anhui as scheduled, focusing on new technology, new materials, new equipment in the plastics industry(the EXPO was originally held from 15th May to 17th May, but was postponed due to irresistible factors). Nearly 400 well-known exhibitors in the industry were invited to participate, and a large number of product manufacturers from all over the country were attracted to visit. During this exhibition Tianbai Plastic attended with the latest packaging items made of new biodegradable material. During this fair, Tianbai has paid attention to the demands of kinds of plastic bag made of new biodegradable material, PLA or PLA+PBAT, ect. As the theme of this exhibition, the majority of customers expressed their requests in such field since it is also a tendency worldwidely in the consumption of plastic package bags. In the following Tianbai will continue to focus on the new green material to develop more products with more competitive price and better service. If you need assistance or would like to get more, please feel free to contact us. Email:
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