• Dragon Boat Festival
    Jun 24, 2020 Dragon Boat Festival
    Dragon Boat Festival Holiday notice for the Dragon Boat Festival, No. 25-27, but please rest assured that as long as you come to the inquiry, we will do it in seconds and we will never take a quotation.
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  • Disposable non woven face mask exported to the Canada
    May 27, 2020 Disposable non woven face mask exported to the Canada
    This is the 100000pcs disposable non woven face mask ordered by Canada customers, all shipped today. 50pcs a box 2000pcs a carton
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  • Disposable oversleeves exported to the UK
    May 22, 2020 Disposable oversleeves exported to the UK
          This is the 3 million disposable sleeves ordered by British customers, all shipped today.        Thank you for your trust, welcome your inquiry, and make disposable sleeves, we are professional.                                                     25 pcs/roll  4 roll/pack                                                                 2500 pcs/carton                                                                           
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  • Tianbai Company one-time personal items update
    Apr 30, 2020 Tianbai Company one-time personal items update
    During the epidemic, due to shipping cost is rising was crazily, so the shipping cost may exceed our tolerance. After you confirm the order, If the shipment cost rise the price, our  sales will communicate with you to negotiate shipping costs. We have Disposable shoe cover for personal use in stock, disposable non woven mask,shoe cover dispenser,disposable gloves,disposable apron,disposable raincoat,disposable boots cover,bowl cover,medical garbage bags .All certificates have, all with English version box packaging, suitable for you! Shop now! Timing: Shipment by Air Express,by sea Send out 1-7 day after payment 2 days to arrive at warehouse to dispatch 7-15 working days to deliver
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  • Tianbai Company have the KN95 and disposable civil protective mask sources. If you are needed in urgent, pls contact Tianbai to deliver the masks to your country.
    Jan 01, 1970 Tianbai Company have the KN95 and disposable civil protective mask sources. If you are needed in urgent, pls contact Tianbai to deliver the masks to your country.
    Dear Friends This is Tongcheng Tianbai from China. We know that we all suffered from the special period now. As a Chinese local company,we have always been concerned about the epidemic situation and support the front line by continuously providing Qualified Masks. Luckily,  the epidemic is under well control in China and now we are here to support you. If you need any KN95 masks or Disposable civil protective mask, pls feel free to contact us. We got masks in stock that could be shipped immediately. We believe that we can fight off the epidemic together!                contact us
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  • U.S. packaging paper production declines
    Jan 01, 1970 U.S. packaging paper production declines
    The American Forest Paper Association released its monthly report on US packaging paper and special packaging in November 2019, showing that in November 2019, shipments of US packaging and special packaging paper fell by 4% from the same period in 2018, the same as in 2018. Compared with the first 11 months, it has fallen by 6%.   -Compared with November 2018, the operating rate of paper mills in November 2019 was 84%, 6% lower than the same period in 2018, and 5.5% lower than the year-to-date data.   -At the end of November 2019, factory inventory was 6,000 short tons higher than at the end of October and 7,000 short tons lower than in November 2018.   In addition, New-Indy Containerboard LLC of the United States recently announced that it has invested $ 240 million in a plant in Yorkshire, South Carolina, USA, to extend its useful life. According to the plan, the plant will switch to cardboard.   The new Indy Boxboard Paper Factory was built in 1957 and has about 430 employees.
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  • Non woven bag are more widely
    Mar 24, 2020 Non woven bag are more widely
    If you do notice, Non Woven bag are more widely known now. More and more people are using PP non woven, tote, green, plastic and paper bags in Singapore for their groceries. PP non woven bags are a less common name for the reusable shopping bags that have taken by our nation. These PP shopping bags and are now commonly sold in shopping malls and local stores worldwide. All over the countries, people now understand the fact that the plastic bags we have all have been using are seriously damaging our environment. Our landfills are now are so full that there is literally no much space for more rubbish. PP is known as a type of plastic that has a higher melting point than other plastics which are used shopping malls. The PP non woven means that it is pressed into very thin sheets which are then made into bags rather than being made into fibres that can be woven. In today business country, small and large businesses are needed to make smart moves when it comes to spending their advertising dollar. Their marketing techniques need to produce a good volume which are low cost. Eco friendly tote bags are one of the most effective marketing bags available today and you can see more companies using their as cooperate gifts. These polypropylene shopping bags are very strong and many times more durable than the standard plastic bags we have all been using on a regular basis. When you are carrying quite a large amount of things in your shopping bag, you do not need to worry about the handles gripping your finger to the point will tear or break. An advantage to these PP woven bags is that despite the fact that they are much stronger, they are much lighter in weight. PP woven bags are very environmentally friendly ways for packaging because you do not have to make use of chemical to get rid of the pests or bugs. A great advantage of using these pp woven bags or reusable bags is the way you get to use in many stores. A lot of places are now offering discounts to those that shop with their own bags rather than using plastic bags from the shop. This is a very good way to encourage people to use pp woven bags without pressuring them. One of the main reasons why they have become so popular is because of the simple fact that they are now seen to be fashionable. Its great to use reusable bags, it helps to save the earth environment and reduce the amount of unwanted rubbish. Customized bags with detailed photos are attractive to most customers, which can also help to increase your sales and maximising the advertising dollar. With the increasing awareness of cutting down the usage of plastic bags and switching them to eco friendly recycling bags, you can be sure to see more beautiful and stylish tote bags when you walk down that mall in years to come. Tongcheng Tianbai plastic co.,LTD.was one leading non woven bag manufacturer in China.
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  • Retama develops PE Smart Matt film 2
    Jan 01, 1970 Retama develops PE Smart Matt film 2
    Matte PE Smart Matt can provide a soft touch effect, using soft tones and colors, reminiscent of the concepts of environmental sustainability and minimalism. The new films have been tested using the most common printing technologies and ink types, with excellent results in terms of sharpness and consistency. Its surface coating can realize the surface overprint of barcode. The thickness of this PE surface material is 85 μm, which has a high degree of consistency. This is the basic feature to meet different labeling shapes and squeezable containers. Its most typical application fields are cosmetics and personal care. It uses a highly transparent, high cohesive acrylic adhesive and is ISEGA certified, making it suitable for direct contact with dry and wet but non-greasy foods.
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