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  • What is a continuous sponge counter bags? May 06 , 2022
    What is a continuous sponge counter bags? Continuous sponge counter bags also called swab counting bags. This continuous sponge counter bag normally use for nurses in SPONGE ACCOUNTING SYSTEM. We all know that if surgical sponges left behind in body, could cause painful infections. So now surgeons, nurses use continuous sponge counter bags to ensure sponges not left in bodies. How to use a continu...
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  • Do you need shoe cover dispenser? May 11 , 2022
    Maybe you feel confused sometimes, why is the house always dirty? Maybe you feel annoyed sometimes, how to put many slippers tidily? Below are the advanges of shoe cover, you need to have shoe covers. 1. Shoe cover protect your shoes. Stay away from the dirt. 2. To avoid toe damage while working in harsh environments. 3. And provide workplace safety. And you donot need worry about slipping. Our ho...
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  • Tianbai waterproof boot cover May 23 , 2022
    Are you still worried about your wet shoes when you go out on a rainy day? Are you still bothered by the fact that there are many guests at home who don't have enough shoes to change? Try tianbai boot cover to help you solve all embarrassments and troubles. 1. Solve the problem that the guests need to take off their shoes when visiting, and the guests need to clean the slippers, doormat and floor ...
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  • Do you know emergency blankets? Mar 21 , 2022
    Do you really understand emergency blankets? First aid blankets are generally made of tin foil or aluminum film, and are divided into three types: double-sided gold, double-sided silver, and gold and silver double-sided. There is also a name called sunscreen blanket, or cold blanket. effect: 1. Sunscreen In the hot sun, wearing a first aid blanket over the body can protect the body from direct sun...
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  • How to use paraffin wax bags for foot care Feb 03 , 2023
    How to use paraffin wax bags for foot care A paraffin bath can exfoliate feet horny and relieve arthritis pain, sore joints or sore muscles. Many people focus on foot care, If you want to take better care of your feet, paraffin bath liners are essential. It wraps your paraffin-covered feet in a clean, hygienic way, follow these 8 steps to learn the correct way to care for your feet: 1. Wash your f...
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  • Hello, 2023 Jan 31 , 2023
    The past year has been tumultuous and profound. In this year, too many unexpected things have happened at home and abroad. These things also have a profound impact on our ordinary lives. At the beginning of a New Year. We want to say to 2023: hello, we are coming! In the past year, despite various problems such as falling demand, shipping congestion and exchange rate fluctuations, we still achieve...
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  • Why should we use reusable shopping bags? Jan 29 , 2023
    Why should we use reusable shopping bags?   Cities in many countries have effectively banned the use of disposable plastic bags in large retail stores. This is an important measure of environmental protection. Disposable plastic bags are very polluting to the environment, and using reusable non woven shopping bag is undoubtedly environmentally friendly. It can be used many times, saving you m...
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  • Do you know what is the disposable sanitary bags? Jan 17 , 2023
    Do you know what is the disposable sanitary bags? Many people who have never used disposable sanitary bags don't know what it is, or even what it is. In fact, a disposable hotel sanitary bag is a bag that women use to dispose of sanitary napkins during their menstrual period. This disposable sanitary bag can be used in offices, guest rooms, and bathrooms. It can handle sanitary napkins, tampons, p...
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  • How to reduce trash can odor? This dust cover is your good helper Jan 13 , 2023
    Are you still bothered by the gusty odor coming from your trash cans? Now there is an easy way to solve this problem without spending a lot of time and money. This is the trash can cover produced by Tianbai Plastic. Our dust cover is made of PEvirgin material, made by hand sewing, can add fragrance raw materials according to your requirements, and custom printing and packaging. This plastic dust c...
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