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  • Do you need shoe cover dispenser? May 11 , 2022
    Maybe you feel confused sometimes, why is the house always dirty? Maybe you feel annoyed sometimes, how to put many slippers tidily? Below are the advanges of shoe cover, you need to have shoe covers. 1. Shoe cover protect your shoes. Stay away from the dirt. 2. To avoid toe damage while working in harsh environments. 3. And provide workplace safety. And you donot need worry about slipping. Our ho...
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  • Tianbai waterproof boot cover May 23 , 2022
    Are you still worried about your wet shoes when you go out on a rainy day? Are you still bothered by the fact that there are many guests at home who don't have enough shoes to change? Try tianbai boot cover to help you solve all embarrassments and troubles. 1. Solve the problem that the guests need to take off their shoes when visiting, and the guests need to clean the slippers, doormat and floor ...
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  • Do you know emergency blankets? Mar 21 , 2022
    Do you really understand emergency blankets? First aid blankets are generally made of tin foil or aluminum film, and are divided into three types: double-sided gold, double-sided silver, and gold and silver double-sided. There is also a name called sunscreen blanket, or cold blanket. effect: 1. Sunscreen In the hot sun, wearing a first aid blanket over the body can protect the body from direct sun...
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  • The Vital Role of Specimen Bags in Healthcare Nov 24 , 2023
    Specimen bags are an important part, a key link in the diagnostic and testing process, and play a vital role in the healthcare. Their main function is to safely accommodate and transport various types of biological specimens such as blood, urine, chemical liquid etc. These specimen bags are designed to meet strict hygiene and safety standards to ensure the integrity of the specimens being tested. ...
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  • Why not try this disposable Plastic apron? Nov 24 , 2023
    Are you still worried about getting your clothes dirty while cooking? Do you want a safer and healthier environment when conducting experiments or working?So, why not try this protective waterproof disposable PE apron? The disposable plastic apron is suitable for various filed, such as kitchen, medical treatment, and industrial manufacturing. The characteristics of disposable plastic apron: 1. Saf...
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  • What is a commode liner? Nov 17 , 2023
    What is a commode liner? A bedside commode liner is an essential accessory that offers convenience and hygiene in various healthcare and home care settings. Designed to fit inside a bedside commode or portable toilet, these disposable liners play a crucial role in waste management and sanitation. Constructed from durable materials such as plastic, bedside commode liners are specifically engineered...
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  • Laminated Non Woven Bags Nov 13 , 2023
    Laminated non-woven bags are a popular eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic bags. They are made from non-woven polypropylene fabric, which is a synthetic material known for its durability and recyclability. The lamination process involves applying a coating to the fabric, which enhances its strength, water resistance, and overall lifespan. These bags are commonly used for shopping, prom...
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  • What is the drum liner? Nov 03 , 2023
    What is the drum liner? The drum liner also be called the paint pail liner or bucket liner, is a flexible material that lines the interior of a drum. Typically made of polyethylene plastics, drum liners act as a barrier between the contents and the bucket. They are designed to fit snugly within the drum and can be easily installed and removed as needed. The Purpose of Drum Liners: Contamination Pr...
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  • Do you need the disposable plastic arm sleeve protector cover? Oct 30 , 2023
    Are you searching for a product which makes your life more convenient, improves your work efficiency and contributes to a greener environment? The Disposable Plastic Arm Sleeve is your best choice! Here are the advantages of The Disposable Plastic Arm Sleeve Protector Cover!  1. The Plastic Arm Sleeve  Cover is waterproof and can keep out the dust, glue, oil and other stubborn stains. Wh...
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