Reasons for drum liners essential in the factory warehouse March 09 , 2023
Reasons for drum liners essential in the factory warehouse

When some factories use buckets to pack paint, lubricating oil or other product, it's easy to leak and spill out, which is bad trouble for the factory. To solve this problem, you can use round bottom drum liners, which can ensure that the products and paint will not leak into the container, and it is also very helpful for the cleanliness of the factory. Below are drum liners that your factory should consider.
Paint can liners
Food grade and BPA free material: The plastic bucket liners are made of food grade material, BPA free, non-toxic and tasteless, safe and reliable to use. A good helper for marinating and storage, it can be used to marinate various large-size types of meat and brining turkeys, and it is also suitable for food storage for daily use.

The anti-static material ensures that paint pail liners will not cause huge static electricity accumulation, and ensures the cleanliness of the inside of the barrel. The anti-static lining features a special static dissipative agent that helps reduce static build-up in sensitive applications and flammable areas, reducing safety hazards.

Using seamless vacuum forming technology, the inner wall of the liner is very smooth, easy to insert into the bucket, will not leak liquid out, and will not cause products or liquid to get stuck at the seams, ensuring that the bucket can be 100% reusable. Drum liners can be used with different-sized buckets as the size of the pail liners are custom available. The shape of these liners can also be customized according to the type of bucket, which can fit the bucket perfectly and prevent slippage.

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