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  • Do you need shoe cover dispenser? May 11 , 2022
    Maybe you feel confused sometimes, why is the house always dirty? Maybe you feel annoyed sometimes, how to put many slippers tidily? Below are the advanges of shoe cover, you need to have shoe covers. 1. Shoe cover protect your shoes. Stay away from the dirt. 2. To avoid toe damage while working in harsh environments. 3. And provide workplace safety. And you donot need worry about slipping. Our ho...
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  • Tianbai waterproof boot cover May 23 , 2022
    Are you still worried about your wet shoes when you go out on a rainy day? Are you still bothered by the fact that there are many guests at home who don't have enough shoes to change? Try tianbai boot cover to help you solve all embarrassments and troubles. 1. Solve the problem that the guests need to take off their shoes when visiting, and the guests need to clean the slippers, doormat and floor ...
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  • Do you know emergency blankets? Mar 21 , 2022
    Do you really understand emergency blankets? First aid blankets are generally made of tin foil or aluminum film, and are divided into three types: double-sided gold, double-sided silver, and gold and silver double-sided. There is also a name called sunscreen blanket, or cold blanket. effect: 1. Sunscreen In the hot sun, wearing a first aid blanket over the body can protect the body from direct sun...
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  • Why is the spout pouch so popular? Jun 02 , 2023
    Why is the spout pouch so popular? The spout bag is a kind of spout bag packaging with a mouth that replaces rigid packaging in the form of flexible packaging. The structure of the spout bag is mainly divided into two parts: the nozzle and the stand-up pouch. The stand-up pouch part is made of multi-layer composite plastic material, the purpose is to meet the performance and barrier requirements o...
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  • Dog Poop Bag for dog lovers May 06 , 2022
    Dog Poop Bag for dog lovers In our daily life, we often see that dogs poop at the roadside and grassland. Now that we feed the dogs, we are responsible for cleaning the dogs’ shit because we are the dog lovers. Besides, the final destination of a dog’s poops is the garbage bin. To solve dog lovers’ problems, we recommend a dog poop bag: This bag is made of PE material, which has a strong resistanc...
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  • Do you know potty liner? May 24 , 2023
    Potty liners are good solution for the toilet that helps to minimize mess and make the cleaning process a lot easier. They are typically made from a waterproof and leak-proof material, and are designed to fit perfectly inside the toilet bowl. The concept of potty liners is simple yet effective. Instead of having to clean up after every use, you can simply dispose of liner, leaving your toilet clea...
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  • Pill Bag - Essential for Home And Travel May 23 , 2023
    Medicine Bag - A must-have for home travel. As a type of packaging, the fundamental function of medicine packaging bags is to protect various functional drugs in the packaging. Improper packaging during the entire process of production, transportation, storage, sales, and use will not cause changes in the physical or chemical properties of drugs, resulting in drug efficacy reduction, failure, and ...
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  • Why does this child proof mylar bag exist? May 12 , 2023
    Why does this child proof mylar bag exist? Many pharmaceutical and tobacco companies choose to pack their products in mylar bags because of the bag's superior durability, resilience, smell proof resilience and environmental protection performance compared to bags of other materials and also has extremely low oxygen permeability rate (OTR). But this common style of mylar bag is very dangerous for c...
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  • People who has used a garment cover really knows life May 06 , 2023
    People who has used a garment cover really knows life Summer is coming, so the coat, down jacket and other thick clothes cannot be worn again. We need to shelve them but they will inevitably fall into ash after a long time, which requires the use of our garment cover, also called anti-dust cover. This is a thoughtful household item, mainly used to protect clothing from dust, moisture and other env...
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  • How to choose ice cube packaging bags? Apr 28 , 2023
    How to choose ice cube packaging bags? We cannot without ice cubes in our life. When drinking coffee, fruit juice, whiskey and other beverages, we always need to add ice cubes to enrich the taste of the drink. Especially when the scorching summer is approaching, ice cubes have become an indispensable thing. For businesses such as coffee shops and bars, ice cube packaging bags are a must-have. So h...
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