Do you need shoe cover dispenser? May 11 , 2022
Maybe you feel confused sometimes, why is the house always dirty?
Maybe you feel annoyed sometimes, how to put many slippers tidily?

Below are the advanges of shoe cover, you need to have shoe covers.
1. Shoe cover protect your shoes. Stay away from the dirt.
2. To avoid toe damage while working in harsh environments.
3. And provide workplace safety. And you donot need worry about slipping.

Our house needs to be kept clean and workplace is more prone to everyday accidents, hence it is better to prepare shoe cover dispenser.
Automatic shoe cover dispenser will help you a lot. Below are some advantages:
The handrail design, you will keep balance when you put and take off.
Transparent window, you will see shoe cover allowance.

Each carton include a dispenser and 100pcs shoe cover. You could test first and order shoe cover later.

CS100 shoe cover dispenserautomatic shoe cover dispenser

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