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  • What is a continuous sponge counter bags? May 06 , 2022
    What is a continuous sponge counter bags? Continuous sponge counter bags also called swab counting bags. This continuous sponge counter bag normally use for nurses in SPONGE ACCOUNTING SYSTEM. We all know that if surgical sponges left behind in body, could cause painful infections. So now surgeons, nurses use continuous sponge counter bags to ensure sponges not left in bodies. How to use a continu...
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  • Do you need shoe cover dispenser? May 11 , 2022
    Maybe you feel confused sometimes, why is the house always dirty? Maybe you feel annoyed sometimes, how to put many slippers tidily? Below are the advanges of shoe cover, you need to have shoe covers. 1. Shoe cover protect your shoes. Stay away from the dirt. 2. To avoid toe damage while working in harsh environments. 3. And provide workplace safety. And you donot need worry about slipping. Our ho...
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  • Tianbai waterproof boot cover May 23 , 2022
    Are you still worried about your wet shoes when you go out on a rainy day? Are you still bothered by the fact that there are many guests at home who don't have enough shoes to change? Try tianbai boot cover to help you solve all embarrassments and troubles. 1. Solve the problem that the guests need to take off their shoes when visiting, and the guests need to clean the slippers, doormat and floor ...
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  • Do you know emergency blankets? Mar 21 , 2022
    Do you really understand emergency blankets? First aid blankets are generally made of tin foil or aluminum film, and are divided into three types: double-sided gold, double-sided silver, and gold and silver double-sided. There is also a name called sunscreen blanket, or cold blanket. effect: 1. Sunscreen In the hot sun, wearing a first aid blanket over the body can protect the body from direct sun...
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  • Hotel sanitary bag - a good partner for women in travel Mar 16 , 2023
    Use of hotel sanitary bag and hotel precautions purpose The sanitary bag in the hotel is simply garbage. It should be put in the bathroom, and the indecent garbage should be put in it, and then thrown into the trash can. It looks very environmentally friendly. It is also made of environmentally friendly materials. The hotel sanitary bags in the hotel are used to hold some sanitary articles fo...
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  • Reasons for drum liners essential in the factory warehouse Mar 09 , 2023
    Reasons for drum liners essential in the factory warehouse When some factories use buckets to pack paint, lubricating oil or other product, it's easy to leak and spill out, which is bad trouble for the factory. To solve this problem, you can use round bottom drum liners, which can ensure that the products and paint will not leak into the container, and it is also very helpful for the cleanliness o...
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  • What is the advantage of non woven grow bags Mar 22 , 2023
    What is the advantage of non woven grow bag For gardeners, pots are indispensable. When comparing different types of flower pots, you will choose the flower pots that can make the plants survive easier. In addition, you will also consider whether it is more convenient to transplant plants. Non woven grow bags provide this advantage. After using non-woven seedling bags, you may not choose plastic o...
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  • A practical good product-drawstring laundry bag Feb 24 , 2023
    A practical good product-drawstring laundry bag When you travel, do you worry about the dirty clothes you have nowhere to put? When you are in the hospital, do you worry about the dirty clothes of different patients? Here are the benefits of using plastic laundry bags. 1.A private space. You don't need worry about your dirty clothes being seen. We have created the perfect hidden space for storing ...
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  • How to choose record sleeve Feb 24 , 2023
    How to choose record sleeve Welcome to this blog on how to choose a record sleeve! When choosing a record case, you need to consider what material the sleeve is made of, whether it will resist aging, and whether it will effectively protect the record from damage. Second, if you want to get the sleeve to fit the record as perfectly as possible, you need to consider the size of the record sleeve. Th...
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  • What is a cattle bung bag? Feb 17 , 2023
    What is a cattle bung bag? A cattle bung bag is an innovative bag designed to block and lock animals' viscera, most commonly for cows and pigs. For slaughterhouse workers, the viscera can be a difficult thing to deal with, but this cattle bung bag is a big part of the solution. With this bag, workers can wrap the bag directly without having to mess around when handling with animals' viscera. ...
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