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WHAT IS CAT NO? Sep 01, 2021

Cat no is referring to the animal cats? Or is mean carton number? Of course not, cat no is mean caterpillar number, in Chinese, it refers to category number, such as product number, model number, factory code, etc. Classifying and numbering articles facilitates identification and access, saving a lot of time and resources.

General goods will have a commodity number, that is, the commodity code, is the manufacturer of goods to different goods marked by the unique number, each commodity must have a unique commodity number.

1. The purpose of using commodity numbers is to facilitate the management and identification of different types of commodities.

2. The process of selling and storing goods often requires finer management of similar goods. For example, in the clothing industry, the inventory quantity of the same clothing needs to be managed according to size and color. A manageable unit of size and color is an item number, and each item number has a unique number.

Commodity classification management in import and export trade can standardize commodity management, simplify practical operation and facilitate statistical analysis.

Commodity code is widely used in import and export customs declaration, export tax and financial accounting. Commodity code is the specific embodiment of commodity classification.

Digital coding of goods is easier to file and organize, especially in electronic management systems, no matter how people change, programs and data are not chaotic. Article numbers or codes are not only easy to manage, but also provide detailed corresponding information, such as time and units.

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