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Different kinds of degradable materials Mar 24, 2021

In the actual operation of packaging industry, we often use the biodegradable plastic withEPI/D2W starch and the mixed type of complete biodegradable material such as PLA+PBAT. The former is less costly and eventually degrades into plastic fragments(micro-plastics), but how the fragments continue to decompose is a problem, so the environmental conservation of this plastic is currently somewhat controversial.

At present, using full biodegradable material is an important trend in the future. The most common materials are PLA, PBAT and starch-based plastic, and a mixture of these in different proportions. The monomeric raw material for PLA is lactic acid, which is generally made by crushing shell crops such as corn, from which starch is extracted and then the starch is made into unrefined glucose. Then the glucose is fermented in a manner similar to the production of beer or alcohol, and finally the lactic acid monomer is obtained through a purification process. Lactic acid monomer has good solvent resistance, biocompatibility, gloss, transparency, and also has certain bacteria resistance, flame retardancy and UV resistance. PBAT is a petrochemical-based biodegradable plastic with good ductility and elongation at break, as well as good impact resistance. The blending of the two material makes the film excellent in several aspects of toughness and gloss, and has great potential in replacing ordinary plastic bags.

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