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Tianbai worship ceremony Aug 16, 2022
On August 3, 2022, tianbai plastics held a teacher worship ceremony for the two newlyweds.
At 10:18 a.m., the master worship ceremony started on time. First, the two disciples came to the master and read the master worship poster in unison. After giving it to the master, they bowed three times. First, they thanked the master for his hard cultivation in the future, second, they showed their diligence and efforts, and third, they worked together to create a brilliant future.
Then, the disciples presented the tea in their hands to the master, and the master also handed over the teaching language written by himself to the disciples.
As teachers, preachers are taught to solve their doubts. As masters, they believe that they will teach each other the professional knowledge and skills they have mastered and the experience they have accumulated; As an apprentice, we should learn the master's exquisite professional skills, learn their strict requirements, and devote ourselves to cultivating team spirit and inheriting tianbai's values.
Tomorrow's road is still rough. I hope we can work together to create brilliance!
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