Why does this child proof mylar bag exist? May 12 , 2023
Why does this child proof mylar bag exist?

Many pharmaceutical and tobacco companies choose to pack their products in mylar bags because of the bag's superior durability, resilience, smell proof resilience and environmental protection performance compared to bags of other materials and also has extremely low oxygen permeability rate (OTR). But this common style of mylar bag is very dangerous for children, in order to prevent children from opening this bag, a new style of child resistant mylar bags exist.
child proof mylar bags
The child proof mylar bags have two zippers, the first zipper is on the top of the bag like a normal ziplock bag, and the other zipper is hidden on the side of the bag. To open the bag, it is necessary to pull the body parts of the bag that are heat-sealed with two zippers at the same time, which is obviously impossible for children.

This kind of child proof mylar bag has bottom gusset design so that the bag can stand up, and the capacity is also larger. The bag body also has a window design, so that you can see the type and Preservation condition of the food in the bag without opening the bag. If you don't want your food to be exposed to light, you don't need to use the window style. The thickness, size, color and logo of these custom child proof mylar bags can be customized.

Open way:

child resistant mylar bags

If you put products that you want to keep longer and children can't reach them, can put them in this child proof mylar bag, it will keep the product fresher for longer and extend the shelf life. There is also no need to worry about children opening the bag.

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