Small Ziplock Bags for Jewelry Sales with Resealable Packaging Zipper June 29 , 2020

Small ziplock bag made by Tianbai is exported to different countries worldwide for more than 20years. Different sizes, small one packing jewelry, large one packing pillow, all we can make. And your design is affordable. 

Here is more details of Tianbai plastic small ziplock bag, 

  • The most popular sizes as following, 1.58“ x2.36”(4 * 6cm)1.97“ x2.76”(5 * 7cm)2.36“ x3.15”(6 * 8cm)3.15“ x4.72”( 8 * 12cm)3.94“ x5.91”(10* 15cm)2 mils thick.
  • MATERIAL: Polyethylene , sealed and resealable, so if handled carefully, it can be reusable.
  • SECURE: Resealable plastic mini ziplock bags food grade, fresh-keeping, moisture-proof and stain-proof, lightweight, storage,Can be placed in freezer, offices, etc.
  • USAGE: Can be used for beads, board games, coins, necklaces, rings, screws, spices, corn candy, nuts, seeds, vitamins, resistors, earring backs, electronic components, crafts, small parts, sewing, safety pins, etc.

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