HOW TO DISPOSE OF CAT LITTER? September 07 , 2020

To have a plastic bag with drawstring top open, it will be easier and more convenient to dispose of cat poop. Tianbai Plastic develops this bag and accepts kinds of customization since for this bag different clients have different logo design and packaging ideas.

cat litter bag cat poop bag

However, currently there is a popular topic widely spreaded among the market, -how to dispose of cat litter without plastic bag. That is like a branch of this idea -making life without plastic. But actually it would cause many inconvenience to the life, and hard to stick to it. To trace this trend to its source, it results from the purpose of reducing pollution to the earth and of protecting the environment.

To achieve this aim, Tianbai Plastic releases 100% compostable plastic material, replacing of traditional plastic. Biodegradable material PBAT+PLA, or PLA can be used to make cat poop liner bag. By this way, on the one hand it brings blessings to the environment, on the other hand it allows people to keep convenient life in disposing of cat poop.

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