How to choose record sleeve February 24 , 2023

How to choose record sleeve

Welcome to this blog on how to choose a record sleeve!

When choosing a record case, you need to consider what material the sleeve is made of, whether it will resist aging, and whether it will effectively protect the record from damage. Second, if you want to get the sleeve to fit the record as perfectly as possible, you need to consider the size of the record sleeve.

There are usually several types of record sleeves:
1. Paper record sleeves
This is the most basic inner sleeve you can have. It's a plain white of paper with a cutout that allows you to see the record's label. These paper record sleeves are typically used when buying vinyl records in bulk and needing temporary protection. Because these record sleeves will tear and turn yellow after a while.
paper record sleeves
2. paper record sleeve with pe liner
The paper vinyl record covers are made of two materials, pe and paper. The outside is the paper that gives the record sleeve its shape, while the inner is pe, which minimizes friction when inserting the vinyl record. Paper vinyl record covers can bring double protection to your record, and it has the effect of waterproof, dustproof and antistatic while it is convenient to insert the record.

paper vinyl record covers

3. Plastic vinyl record sleeves
Plastic vinyl record sleeves are made of high-quality material, the common shape is square, some sleeves have rounded corners to make it easier to put the record in the plastic vinyl record sleeve. If you want to protect your record for a long time, you can choose this record sleeve, it is transparent so that you can see the label of the record even when the record sleeve is completely closed, it is dustproof, waterproof and antistatic, which perfectly protects your lp record.

vinyl record sleeve

4. Cardboard record jackets
The material of this record cover is hard cardboard, thick enough, not easy to deform and damage, and more textured, the cardboard record jackets can be added with a layer of polyethylene outer sleeve, which can protect your records to a greater extent.
cardboard record sleeves

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