How to choose ice cube packaging bags? April 28 , 2023
How to choose ice cube packaging bags?

We cannot without ice cubes in our life. When drinking coffee, fruit juice, whiskey and other beverages, we always need to add ice cubes to enrich the taste of the drink. Especially when the scorching summer is approaching, ice cubes have become an indispensable thing. For businesses such as coffee shops and bars, ice cube packaging bags are a must-have. So how to choose ice cube packaging bags? After all, ice bags have a variety of styles.

There are three styles of ice bags: drawstring ice bags, flat-top ice bags, and wicketed ice bags.

Drawstring ice bags: There is a drawstring on the top of the ice bag, which is convenient to open and close, just pull it up, and then tighten it, the bag can ensure that the ice cubes will not be exposed. Because it has a drawstring, which is portable. It is the best choice for packing ice cubes for travel.
drawstring ice bags
Flat-top ice bag: This style of ice bag has an open top that is manually twisted closed. It's cheaper because it doesn't have a drawstring.
plastic bags for ice cubes
wicketed ice bags: This ice bag is mostly used in automatic or semi-automatic bulk ice bag machines which are attached to a wicket that holds up to 250 bags. The ice bag is opened manually or by machine, and then pack ice cubes into the ice bag.
heavy duty ice bags

There is no doubt that these several styles of ice bags are BPA-free and meet food contact standards. Made of high-quality PE virgin materials, the material can be divided into LDPE and HDPE, the heavy duty ice bags is not easy to break, strong and durable. The capacity of these ice bags is usually 8lb, 10lb, 20lb, 50lb, etc. The pattern, logo and thickness of the bag can be customized according to your needs.

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