Antistatic Shield Shielding Bag for Electronic Devices July 23 , 2020

Tianbai ESD Shielding Bag is mainly for packaging of various PCB, electronic components modem, CD-ROM, etc. It is widely used in electronics such as such as hard disks, Motherboard, RAMs, Processor, I/O cards, etc. Ideal for intercompany transfers.
And the anti-static bags are made from APET/CPP materials, silver laminated. ESD Shielding bag can utmostly protect sensitive components. ESD Shielding Bag's special 4 layers structure forms an induction hood effect to isolate the inside items from electrostatic field. Besides, the inner layer is made of static eliminable polyethylene, this hot seal ESD Shielding Bag is transparent, the items inside can be clearly recognized from outside.
Things inside the bags can be easily recognized from outside and easy for you to find which bag to open when you need the things.
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