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What is the difference between PVC, ABS, PP, PE plastic materials(Ⅲ) Sep 14, 2020

PET: Polyethylene terephthalate

       A polymer of terephthalic acid and ethylene glycol. The English abbreviation is PET, which is mainly used to make polyethylene terephthalate fiber and the Chinese trade name is polyester. This kind of fiber has high strength and good fabric wearing performance. It is currently the highest output variety among synthetic fibers. In 1980, the world output was about 5.1 million tons, accounting for 49% of the world's total synthetic fiber output.

       The high symmetry of molecular structure and the rigidity of the p-phenylene chain make this polymer have the characteristics of high crystallinity, high melting temperature and insoluble in general organic solvents. The melting temperature is 257~265℃; its density varies with The degree of crystallinity increases. The density of the non-standard state is 1.33 g/cm^3. After stretching, the density of the fiber is 1.38~1.41 g/cm^3. It is calculated from the X-ray study to complete The density of the resultant body is 1.463 g/lim^3. The glass transition temperature of non-standard polymer is 67℃; crystalline polymer is 81℃. The heat of fusion of the polymer is 113~122 J/g, the specific heat capacity is 1.1~1.4 J/g·K, the dielectric constant is 3.0~3.8, and the specific resistance is 10^1110^14 ohm·cm. PET is insoluble in common solvents, but only soluble in some more corrosive organic solvents such as mixed solvents of phenol, o-chlorophenol, m-cresol, and trifluoroacetic acid. PET fiber is stable to weak acids and weak bases.

       Mainly used as raw material for synthetic fiber. The short fiber can be blended with cotton, wool, and wool to make textiles for clothing or upholstery cloth; the filament can be used for clothing or industrial silk, such as filter cloth, tire cord, parachute, conveyor belt, safety Belt and so on. The film can be used as a base for photosensitive film and audio tape. Injection molded parts can be used as packaging containers. 

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