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Typhoon is coming Jul 31, 2023
Typhoons, also known as hurricanes or cyclones depending on the region, are large and powerful tropical storms that form over warm ocean waters. The warm waters provide the energy needed for the storm to develop and intensify. Typhoons thrive in an atmosphere that is unstable, meaning there is a rapid decrease in temperature with increasing altitude. This instability allows warm, moist air to rise quickly and form powerful thunderstorms, which are the building blocks of a typhoon.

Mother Nature's fury is a force to be reckoned with, and two typhoons that made headlines recently were Typhoon Doksuri and Typhoon Khanun. These powerful storms wreaked havoc in their paths, leaving destruction and displacement in their wake. Let's dive deeper into the impact of these formidable weather events.

Typhoon Doksuri: In the end of July 2023, Typhoon Doksuri swept through Southeast Asia, particularly Philippines and Fujian province, China. With wind speeds reaching up to 150 mph, it was labeled as one of the strongest storms to hit Fujian in a decade. Doksuri injured 114 people in Quanzhou, Fujian Province, and caused direct economic losses of 428 million rmb in the province.

Typhoon Khanun: According to the Zhejiang provincial meteorological Observatory, on July 30, the center of typhoon "Kanu" is located on the surface of the Ryukyu Islands, is moving north to the west at a speed of about 20 kilometers per hour. It is expected to turn to the northwest on July 31, the intensity will gradually increase, the strongest can reach the level of strong typhoon or super typhoon, on August 1 during the day into the East China Sea, and gradually close to the East China coast.

Lessons Learned: These two typhoons highlighted the need for effective disaster preparedness and response. While we cannot prevent typhoons, we can mitigate their impact through proper planning, infrastructure development, and timely response.Governments and communities in typhoon-prone regions must invest in early warning systems, evacuation plans, and resilient infrastructure. Education and awareness programs can empower citizens to take preventive measures during such calamities. In the face of these meteorological monsters, it is crucial that governments and communities unite to protect lives and property, ensuring a safer and more resilient future for all.
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