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The World Consumer Rights Day Mar 17, 2023

The World Consumer Rights Day

On March 15th of every year, there is a special day for consumers around the world. This day is decided by the International Organization of Consumers Unions(shortened to IOCU) and aims at expanding the promotion of protecting consumers' rights.

In 1960, five countries, including America, Britain, Australia, Belgium, and the Netherlands, formed an independent, unprofitable and apolitical international consumer union. Now, its membership has increased to more than 300 consumer groups in nearly 100 countries and regions.

In 1983, the IOCU designated March 15 as the World Consumer Rights Day, and stipulated that consumers enjoy the right to protect the security of property, to obtain correct information about products, to make free decisions and to ask for compensation and to guarantee a healthy environment, etc.

As Rodaparkin, president of the International Organization of Consumers Unions, put it: "The interaction of people, the exchange of products, the activities of technology and communication, and so on, demand that we must think and act on a global scale."

The annual World Consumer Rights Day has arrived. Each of us is a consumer, so we should ensure that our rights and interests will not be infringed on and use reasonable and legal means to protect our rights and interests!

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