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Happy Children's Day - June 1st May 25, 2023
Children's Day is celebrated all around the world to honor and appreciate the innocence, joy, and wonder that children bring to our lives. It is a day dedicated to the well-being and happiness of children and is celebrated on different dates in different countries.
Happy children's day
June 1st Chinese Children's Day is coming soon, originated in the early 1950s. In 1950, the Chinese government established the Women and Children Working Committee, which began to pay attention to the rights and welfare of women and children. In 1951, the Chinese government announced that June 1st would be the International Children's Day. This is the first time that China officially celebrates Children's Day.

On this day, kindergarten children usually prepare for the festival by rehearsing songs and dances, making beautiful crafts, playing games with their friends, making small cakes, bread, etc. On this special day, children will put on beautiful clothes and showcase their talents and creativity. Parents will also come to the kindergarten to watch the children's performance and cheer for them.

In 1952, the Chinese government changed International Children's Day to Children's Day, in order to emphasize the festival's connection with China's revolution and construction. Since then, every year on June 1, the Chinese government and all walks of life will hold various celebrations to honor the contributions and achievements of children, and at the same time call on the whole society to pay attention to the rights and welfare of children.

In China, Children's Day is a very important festival. It symbolizes the country's care and support for children, and it is also the appeal and attention of all sectors of society to children. At this festival, parents and all walks of life will offer their best wishes and care to their children.
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