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Essentials for Our Home---Disposable Shoe Cover Sep 01, 2022

Visiting relatives and friends is a must thing in our life, strengthening kinship and friendship between each other. However, it's embarrassing to ask the guest to change his shoes, then there is a question: how to keep my floor clean?

This is what our disposable shoe cover can be of help. Produced by Tongcheng Tianbai Plastic Co., Ltd, this shoe cover is made of carefully selected quality materials. The biggest feature of this shoe cover is easy to use and it can be used in any indoor places, like home, office, hospital and so on. It is waterproof, dustproof and anti-static with different materials. Besides, as a time-saving and energy-saving product, this shoe cover is cheaper than buying slippers.

With this disposable shoe cover, we can save the trouble of mopping the floor or buying many pairs of slippers that take up place.

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