pedicure-cover-09plastic clear&blue pedicure chair tub liner

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plastic clear&blue pedicure chair tub liner

NO. pedicure-cover-09


plastic clear&blue pedicure chair tub liner 

Factory custom service!

Material: PE

Size: as your require

Color: transparent,blue,etc

Thickness: customized

Features of plastic liner :

1. Disposable, lightweight, comfortable

2. Pleated elastic band around,easy to hold

3. Widely used in pedicure SPA,beauty SPA,beauty salon, homeuse,etc.

4. Factory direct selling


5. 100% virgin material 

Information needed for the right quotation:

1.Material OD or your pedicure tub size

  > If you have the liner in hand,please measure your liner size(Material OD)

    Please straighten the liner elastic strip till to the top length,the full length is called material     OD

  > If you never use the liner,please measure your tub size:

    For round tub,pls measure the bottom diameter and tub depth.

    For square one,pls measure the bottom length,width,and tub depth.

    Thank you!

2.Thickness with unit(micron,mil)

3.Qty you want

4.Your packing requirement and other requirements

Welcome your kind inquiry!

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