A shower cap is a cap worn while showering or bathing, to protect hair from becoming wet. Many shower caps are produced by joining two layers of fabric together in order to make the shower cap not only waterproof but aesthetic also. However, simpler shower caps are purely made from one layer of a waterproof material, often PE.

Shower caps all contain an elastic band to contain the user's hair. 
1.used in Hotel,Home,spa,Salon,Hospital,Factory,etc

When inquiry the following data request:
1.The outer circle of the shower cap.
2.The inner circle of the shower cap.
3.The height of the shower cap.
4.The thickness of the shower cap(only one layer),or the net weight per shower cap

How to measure?
To measure the inner circle,outer circle and hight of the Shower cap with a RULE.
Please according to left drawing image to find the right width and Length to measure.We usual measuring  inner circle,outer circle and hight with the unit of centimetre (CM)
We suggest if you measuring the size with unit inch, please convert data with unit of CM. 1inch=2.54cm
To measure the thickness of the Shower caps,
Please use the tool of micronmeter Caliper.

If you do not know how to used a micronmeter Caliper to measure thickness.

Nevermind, please let us know the net weight of 10pieces shower caps

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