plastic-car seat cover01disposable printable car seat cover

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disposable printable car seat cover

NO. plastic-car seat cover01


Item: printable plastic seat cover




Color:white,clear,and other color

Printing: customized  

Size: 130*80cm, and other customized size







1.High quality and factory price

2.Economical. Keep your cars in good look.

3.Easy to be used, save time and labor.

4.your Logo printing or other customized printing 





1. It is made of waterproof, strong and washable, UV protection, reusable material

2. Stain & water resistant, machine wash, durable

3. Universal fitting

4. Excellent flexibility

5. It feels softly and comfortably 

We Also Offer 5in1: Pe car seat cover, steering wheel cover,paper floor mat,gear cover,brake cover.

we are waiting for your inquriy.


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