pe-shoe-cover08disposable PE shoe cover

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disposable PE shoe cover

NO. pe-shoe-cover08

Item:disposable PE shoe cover  

Material:virgin PE/CPE
Color:Blue,red,and other customized color
Size:40X15cm and customized
Elastic:Single elastic/Double elastic
Weight:1.2-4g/pc and customized
Features:waterproof,non skid,dirt proof,etc
Applications:1. Widely used in clinic, hospital, restaurant, food processing, beauty salon, electronic industry, etc.
2.Cleaning, medicine check, food processing, health care, housework, home cleaning, beauty salons, camping barbecue etc.
3.Popular by global customers with its distinct properties, which can be dust-proof, oil-proof, dirt-proof, protect skins, and mainly used in food and medical industries. 
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