SAFTY TRANSACTION SERVICE to let your transaction with a new chinese company more safety.
With our help,You will gain secure trading with reliable supplier.
You just need paid US$50 for service charge.
Are you still worried about with a chinese company?
contact us, we will let you know if the one was reliable or cheat.
Fraud Prevention

With our safty transaction service(Fraud Prevention Service),Never be cheated when you trade with a Chinese company.
Implementation of regional:China mainland

We are a nongovernmental organization which can help all oversea customer to trade with a new Chinese company or factory safely.

The safty transaction service we provide:
1.Examine and certify if the company was real.
2.Quality and quantity control
3.Delivery control

Why you must verified above points to fraud prevention?
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Where are the Chinese business cheaters?
Click here to view the list of the Chinese cheaters of 2010.
PDFList of Chinese cheaters 2010
Click Here to download the list.
PDF format,
click here to download PDF reader.

Concrete measures are as follows:
To examine and certify if the factory or the company's certificate was legitimate or unauthorized.

We will examine and certify below certificates of the company factory:
>export license (Chinese name:对外贸易经营者备案登记表)
>Legal Person Business License (original and copy) (Chinese name:企业法人营业执照正副本)
>Tax Registration Certificate (Chinese name:税务登记证)

1-b:To examine and certify if the factory or the company's bank account was standard or not.
Above verification can assure you safe on payment.
In another word,If the certificates and bank account of this company or factory was legitimate,You paid money to this factory or company will be safety.
And he/she can not to deny the transaction fact.
Even he /she would like to to deny the transaction fact or tear up the contract,You will obtain high compensation forced by legal easily.
Above examine and certify service will cost you US$50 per time(per order),or US$500 for a whole year (for every orders)
And if you argee with our examine and certify service we will send you a detailed service contract.

2:Quality and quantity control
First we will request the same qulaity samples as the order from buyer.
Then,when the factory begin to product the goos we will arranging representative to check the goods quality as the samples in the factory.
When production finished,we will check the quanity and total quantity again in his factory

In that way, It can assure you will received same quality goods and no any shortage.
Quality and quantity control will cost US$ 100 per time,or US$1,000 for a whole year Plus travel charge to the factory.

3:Delivery control,suggest used our shipping agent to control.

Till to October 2010,we have been provided safty transaction service support to 38 different customers from Europe,America and Africa.
And all of them obtains good products and services from the cooperative factory with our intendance.


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