CHN-TSB-001Plastic T-shirt bags

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Plastic T-shirt bags


Item:Plastic t-shirt bags
Material available: 
Virgin HDPE ; 
Recycled HDPE ; 
Virgin LDPE ; 
Recycled LDPE ; 
Virgin LLDPE ; 
Recycled LLDPE ; 
co-extrusion plastic; 
OXO-Biodegradable HDPE/LDPE/LLDPE; 
co-extrusion plastic; 
non woven fiber (Click here to learn more about our non woven t-shirt bag)

Size available:
Height from 10cm to100cm,Width from 10cm to 100cm
5 Hot-Sale sizes :( Latest 3 months)

Size of the t-shirt bags

Dimensions Thickness (Micron)


8x4x16 inch



10x5x18 inch



11x6x22 inch



12x7x22 inch 13-25micron
extra large 18×10×30inch 13-25micron

Available surface treatment on the bag:
1.embossing ,
2.Printing or non printing (natural color)

Mode of printing: intaglio printing/digital Printing
Maximum colors of printing:10colors max

Inventory status: Out of stock 
(We only accept OEM order for t-shirt bag, NO STOCK!)
Minimum order quantity of customized Tianbai t shirt bags: 10000pieces or 1 ton
Monthly production capacity: 100ton per day
Available material color: transparent,translucent,frosted and any solid colors.

Thickness available: from 10 micron to 100micron per layer.
Suggest thickness: from 25micron to 45micron per layer.(as shopping bag)
With side gusset or without side gusset,both available.
With bottom gusset or without bottom gusset,both available.
Our advantage:we can printed the words in the side gusset.

1.Several pieces with elastic, packs with carton 
2.Several pieces with inner bag,packs with carton

⇒How to got fast and exact quotation of t shirt bags from us?
Owing to our company only accept the OEM t shirt bag order and the size of the t shirt bag in different application was different.
Before inquiry,please filled all the datas in the "Specifications & quantity confirm sheet" for quotation accurately & completely.

CLICK HERE to download the Specifications & quantity confirm sheet.

We will back you all the details to you whtnin 2hours (if in our working time)after we received the completed sheet.

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