pp-woven-bag03Laminated woven bags

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Laminated woven bags

NO. pp-woven-bag03

Item:Laminated woven bag
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Laminated woven bag was made of woven polypropylene, mostly made on milky white color or transparent for various granular, powder, pellet or flake product in food and chemical industry.
But especially for rice grain industry, nowadays they prefer to use the colorful one because they believe it is more attractive and very useful to build their brand image in the rice market.
The size and the strength of these bags are various, customable for customer needs. Its load capacity ranging from ten kilograms to one hundred kilograms.
The fabric can be uncoated or coated and also we can insert a tube PE inner to give more protection to the product.
This bag is printable using flexo gravure technology and also rotogravure technology by using PP extrude lamination as adhesive agent to put the identity or trademark of the product to be easily recognized in the market

Normal size
14 x 26cm
23 x 40cm
30 x 40cm
18 x 30cm
24 x 40cm
32 x 45cm
18.5 x 35cm 
25 x 40cm
35 x 48cm
20 x 31cm
26 x 40cm
40 x 80cm
22 x 36cm
27 x 40cm
40 x 100cm
22 x 40cm
28 x 40cm

Different types
 twisted weave
Twisted Weave
These specialised twisted weave polypropylene bags are only made by a select few suppliers. The material is twisted as it is woven, which is where the name comes from. This twist in the weave means that the bag has a non-slip property to it. It is primarily used by the "World Food Program" because this bag makes it easier to stack the bags and makes transportation easier since the filled bags don't slip and slide as easily as a normal woven polypropylene bag.
valve-type valve type
These bags can only be made by a few suppliers. They are filled from a spout at the top of the bag as shown, and seal automatically when the filling tube is removed. They can be packed more easily because of the unique fold at the top and the bottom of the bag that make them more cube in shape. These valve bags are available with a pillow or block bottom.

These bags have no print and are white in colour. The best value for money. Come in strengths of 60, 65 and 70 gsm. The larger sizes are also available in 90 gsm.
Printed woven polypropylene bag
Have your logo, details and nutritional table printed on your bags. Any colour you might want is available. We can have your bags made with a 4 colour print.
single weave colour pp bag
Single Weave

Have the bag made in the colour of your choice, using only one of the weaves for the colour, with or without print.

both weave bag
Both Weaves

You can also have the bag made in the colour of your choice using both weaves, like the sand bag. More expensive, but a much more vivid display of colour.

clear woven bag

Get a clear woven bag if you wish to display your product without opening the bag. These poly bagscan also be printed.
laminated woven polyprop bag

To provide that extra seal for very fine material. They are available in both glossy and matt finish, and made to customer specifications.

bopp printed

Get the best possible printing quality with these amazing B.O.P.P. bags.

gusset woven polypropylene bag

If you want to be able to pack your product more easily, these are the woven PP bags you are looking for. Since the bags are more square shaped than a normal polypropylene bag .

Handled woven bag

To make it easier to carry your bags. They are either sewn on or punched in. Handles are available for the 5kg, 10kg and 12.5kg WPP bags only.

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