Polypropylene strap (PP strap)
With wide application possibilities, the PP strap is tying and sealing the products, insuring a favorable transport.
Our company recommends the PP strap most suitable for your needs. Therefore, according to the use of the strap, we are suggesting the product most suitable for you, whose quality and technical details fit your demands entirely.
The polypropylene strap has an excellent splitting resistance, a high elongation as well as an efficient endurance for difficult applications. The product is perfectly secured, mindless of its dimensions, manually or automatically, either by the use of metallic staples or by the use of thermo-welding. The polypropylene strap protects the product, maintaining a high safety during transport.

range of use(s):
PP strap in use

The high quality of poyester strap ensures :
•Tensile strength is comparable to steel strap therefore twice that of PP strap
•Low friction on the pack makes the strapping operation easier
•High elasticity of the strap guarantees a stable and solid pack
•Difficult to cut
•No rusting like steel strap
•High resistance against weather conditions and UV rays retaining good tension over a long time period

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