plastic-gloves01Disposable plastic gloves for food

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Disposable plastic gloves for food

NO. plastic-gloves01

Type Size Material and thickness
Small size plastic gloves 24*27cm HDPE:6micron LDPE:10/12/15/18/20micron
medium size plastic gloves 26*28cm HDPE:6micron LDPE:10/12/15/18/20micron
Large size plastic gloves 27*30cm HDPE:6micron LDPE:10/12/15/18/20micron
Extra large plastic gloves 28*33cm HDPE:6micron LDPE:10/12/15/18/20micron

1)Ambidextrous-fits either hand
2)Available in low and high density polyethylene
3)Various thickness, textured or smooth surface
4)Available standard length and extra-length
5)Excellent for house keeping
6)Helps protect hands and fingers from contact with bacterial and other contaminants

PE gloves are mainly used for cleanness of home, test, food or defend of industry or agriculture, haircut, tend and hospital. They are waterproof, preventing ache,alkaline,oil,bacilli; light. Better feeling, cheaper price, they are really ideal, economical protection

There are several choice for packaging, which depends on customer’s requirements.
1. 100pcs per Outter bag, 100 bags per carton
2.100pcs per box, 10 boxes per carton
3.we can also pack one pair in one bag,1000 packs per carton

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