evidence-bag03Plastic inmate property Evidence bags

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Plastic inmate property Evidence bags

NO. evidence-bag03

* The Plastic inmate property Evidence bags are clear with the high tamper evident tape and used for prison.
* The security tape from Security Packaging  is user friendly, just need to remove the release tape and just flatten the security tape to the bag surface. With the new design, the security bags can be two to three times faster than traditional solutions.

1. High level tamper evident closure
2. Extra strong heavy duty polymer
3. Non-slip material
4. Strong pouch weld at both sides
5. Barcode and sequential numbering on individual bag
6. Tearing off receipt with tracking numbers
7. White write on panel for record and signature

1. Important and confidential documents such as government, banks, finance companies,credit card companies, accountancy and legal firms.
2. Valuable goods especially jewelry, cash…etc.
3. Medical firms such as hospital, clinic, and pharmaceutical industry
4. Military affairs
5. Discipline force such as Police, Customs and Prison etc.

1. Clear or opaque co-extrusion
2. Level 1 – level 4 tamper evident tape or permanent tape
3. Customize printing/size/design
4. Additional pouches for documents

evidence bags

evidence bags

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