zipper-bag02Easy open side slider zip lock bag

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Easy open side slider zip lock bag

NO. zipper-bag02

Easy open side slider zip lock bag
Slide lock glides easily across bag, protecting contents from dirt and moisture.

Durable and reusable.

• Easy open, easy close.
Bags are pre-opened for quick handling. Opens along width.
FDA and USDA compliant for food contact.
White block also available.

Main size: 4*6inch, 5*7inch,6*9inch,6.5*6inch,8*6inch,8*8inch,9*10inch,9*12inch,10*7inch,10*13inch,12*12inch,12*15inch,12.5*9inch,13*18inch,14*10inch,16*12inch,16*16inch,16*18inch,18*20inch,20*20inch,22*22inch

Normal thickness:2.7-3.5mil

Other size and thickness acceptable to product

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