die-cut-handle-bag02Patch handle bags

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Patch handle bags

NO. die-cut-handle-bag02

Item: patch handle bag(die cut bag,die cut handle bag)
Material of the patch handle bag: LDPE or Oxo-Biodegradable Plastic
Use Range: for shopping bag,takeaway bag,advertisement bag (enterprise AI) and so on.
Color of material: white,transparent,semitransparent,frosted,solid color,
Size available: Hight from 10cm-150cm,Width from 10cm-150cm
Thickness:30-100 micron
Other available craftsmanship for the die cut bags:
 1.Side gusset and (or) bottom gusset
 2.Folding top lip to reinforced the weight capacity of the die cut handle
 (maximum six layer folded in, normally two or four folded in)
 3.Lining of the handle with a cardboard to reinforced the weight capacity of the die cut handle
 4.Gold stamping,or silver stamping.
 5.Full color printed artwork (Digital Printing),total10 colors max.
 6.Letters printed in the side and (or) bottom gusset acceptable. (max 4 colors, and just letters)
 7.Different shapes of the punch hole available.
 8.Arc top
 9.Embossed on surface
 10.Biodegradable material available


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