shape of die cut handle bagsDie cut handle bag(patch handle bag)
Fashing style as a shopping bag,carrier bag, enterprise AI bag.
Made from  made from LDPE,HDPE,LLDPE or Oxo-Biodegradable plastic
As a plastic die cut handle bag manufacturer,we always suggest our cutsomers order the die cut handle bag which made from Oxo-Biodegradable Plastic to protect the environment.
The left image show you how we measure a die cut bag.
So if you want customize your own die cut bag.
Please let us know the data of H*W*G*T*M*C*P
H: Hight of the bag (some one may be call Length of the bag),unit with centimeter(CM) or millimeter(MM)
W:Width of the bag,unit with centimeter(CM) or millimeter(MM) 
G: Side gusset and(or) bottom gusset of the bag,unit with centimeter(CM) or millimeter(MM).
T: Thickness of one layer,unit with micron(Mic) or mil (1Mil=25.4Mic).
M:Material of thebag(LDPE/HDPE/LLDPE/Oxo-Biodegradable Plastic).
C: Color of the material.
P:How many colors printed on one side or both two sides of the bag?
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