round-bottom-bag10pail round bottom liner

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pail round bottom liner

NO. round-bottom-bag10


Item: pail round bottom liner

Sizes: customized size for different capacity drum,bucket,can,pail,etc

Material: Virgin LDPE,antistatic-treated LDPE,virgin polypropylene orantistatic- treated polypropylene,other materials on request

Available for Buckets(pail,can,etc) with pail-type lids;open-head drums,lids with or without plugs,lever lock lids.Adapted to mixers,agitators,pumping systems and follower plates.



1.our latest development of LDPE, HDPE round bottom and square bag are special used in the bucket, pot etc chemical products barrel bag.

2 Sealing molding by one time, no leak and no water.

3.It can be designed according to the customer's requirements.

4.The specifications, shape ,proofing and other abnormity plastic bags also can be designed by the customers

Information needed for quotation:

>Bag height

>Bag diameter

>Bag thickness per layer

>Quantity you want

>Other requires

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