ice-bag03Disposable Instant Ice Pack

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Disposable Instant Ice Pack

NO. ice-bag03

Easy to use during camping,travelling,emergency,etc, be activeted instantly by squeezing pag, can reach -4 within 2 seconds, long time cold-last,needs no refrigeration
Can bear 20kgs during storage, transportationg without broken.Squeezing the inner pag as instruction printed on the pack when to use
Flexiable after cooling and contact the skin largely
The inner material before and after the reaction is environment-friendly without any side-effect. Sigle use and disposable avioding cross injection

Appilcation range:
1. Minor scrpes and bruises,muscle aches and sprains, toothache, headache, calenture, stanch, oedema
2. Minor scald, burn
3. Emergency cases
4. The material can be recycled as the fertilizer after reaction

>> Application:
Squeezing the inner pag as instruction printed on the pack,mix the material absolutly and apply the required area.

>> Cautions:
Out use only, once the liqiud leaked from the pack contacts the eyes or skin, rinse the eyes or skin with plenty of water

>> Storage:
Place in cool dry place, no refrigeration.

Disposable Instant Ice Pack

Disposable Instant Ice Pack

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