grape-bag06disposable adhesive grape protection bag

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disposable adhesive grape protection bag

NO. grape-bag06

 grape packing bag

adhesive grape protection bag

Material: opp,cpp,pp,pe

Printing: 1 - 6 colors from clear to rainbow

Size: according to requirement

Color: various colors as your required

Use: fruit packing

Feature: security and eco-friendly

Pinhole: 9, 36, 64, 90,120,160 per inch square


Advantages and Features of the grape packing bag

The bags providing the fruits away from the direct sunshine and birds bite .

* The bags are made by waterproof craft paper with wet strength so they can bear the rain and wind.

*The fruits are growing in the suitable humidity and temperature then it is good for sugar accumulation and the bright color on surface.

* The bags efectively reduce the growing time and increase the productions greatly .

* The bags are environment protection and no pollution .

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