shoe-film-machine02shoe film dispenser

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shoe film dispenser

NO. shoe-film-machine02

Product Description
Description information of auto shoe film machine (shoe film dispenser)



Power Supply

DC12V Lithium Battery

Model Number





Original ABS

Charging Time

2 Hours

Dispenser Size


Output Power


Net Weight


Standby Time

1 Year


Standard Export Carton

Working Life

5-8 Years


 The feature of auto shoe film machine (dispenser)

1. Charged once can use 450 times and also keep standby for one and half year. Easy and convenient.


2.Charateristic:It is a new product, is our own research and development, design, production of the dominant products. It solves the problem of changing shoes or cover shoe cover by hand when people enter into a clean room. It's using high elastic thicken plastic film , use its high elasticity to wrap around the shoes and the bottom tightly, so as to keep the floor clean. Plastic wrap(the film) have advantage of environmental protection, good elasticity, wear resistance, strong anti-penetration, etc. It is more efficient and clean with high quality to avoid the breaks frequently. It is easy to install into shoe cover dispenser, it's the best for cleaning and anti-static areas. Also eliminate hidden beriberi spread, avoid awkward and restraining when friend visit by a hole or keeping sock stinking.


 3. Usage:Widely used in household, factory, example room, hospital, clean factory workshop, automobile exhibition hall, hotel, laboratory, computer room, museum, place for taking off your shoe and cleaning requirement .


4.Packing: standard export cartons,or according to customer's requirement.


5.This machine's working principle of seal and cut-off the film, is same as plastic packing sealing machine's principle. It adopt Heating wire to instantaneous heating in 1.2 seconds, temperature is 80 degree centigrades. It won't heating when not in use, energy saving and environmentally, safe for use.


6.A roll of film can be used 600 times, no need to change the film frequently. Not only 10% cost of the common shoe covers machine, but also the thickness is twice thicker than the common one. The Wear resistance is more improved compared to the common one. When using, how long is the shoe, how long it can be pulled. well-fitting, comfortable, beautiful and decent.



Shoe film install steps


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