Healthy and Eco-friednly wood plastic composite (WPC) floor

1,WPC flooring made of wood&plastic
2,WPC floor
3,new material floor(WPC)
4,plastic(WPC)&wood fabric
5,wpc decking flooring
eco-friendly floor

Introductions of the wood plastic (WPC) flooring:

The WPC floor was made of plastic (PVC) and wood fabric,use scientific formula (has not any glue), after polymer modification, through the match mix, make use of high temperature extrusion processing equipments,then the composite material was made,it has the main advantage of wood and plastic,it can replace of plastic and wood on many fields,was a development potential new material.
WPC floor

The performanace of the wood plastic (WPC) floor:

Plastic wood floor with wood and plastic composite function, is mainly embodied in the following advantages,firstly, hollow structure, light, ventilated,reduce noise, waterproof, make floor to floor keep dry condition; secondly, plastic wood floor was no mildewy, anti-aging, acid and alkali resistant, pest-resistant, non-toxic, without odour, appearance and feel same as natural wood, can curium, plane, drilling, unmatched grip is strong; third, plastic wood floor has real surface gloss same as wood floor, and chromatism smaller than real wood floor, many colors can be choosed. In addition, it also has the environmental health advantage, changeful form, difficult deformation, beautiful board appearance, waterproof,prevented slippery, wear-resisting durable etc, widely used in the bedroom, sitting room, kitchen, toilet, schools, hotels, hospitals, ETC.
size of the WPC flooring

Specification(length×width×thickness,unit:MM): 810*125*15,810*125*12
wpc deck
Products Composites and Technical Parameters



Common Products Composites

Intensified Products Composites









Hydroscopic Coefficient




Screw-holding Ability




Bend Strength




Bending Elastic Modulus




Shock Resistance




Max. Concentrated Load




Returning Ratio




bedroom floor(WPC)

The comparison of wooden floor and WPC floor


Wood floor

WPC floor

Install and


Requires regular coats of stain or sealant throughout its life in order to remain protected from moisture and sunlight.

Never needs to be painted, sanded, stained or sealed. Will occasionally require cleaning.

Fight Weathering Ability

Absorbs moisture and is susceptible to mold, mildew and rot.

The plastic adds resistance to moisture and rot, while mold inhibitors can prevent the growth of mold.


it’s an organic material, it will rot finally.

Can last 2-3 times longer than wood.

Fight Pests Ability

Vulnerable to insect and termite damage.

Highly resistant to insects and termites.

Fight Transformation Ability

Has high dimensional stability and is more rigid than plastic, but is prone to warping and splintering.

Has more dimensional stability than pure plastic but may deform slightly under extreme heat. Will not warp, splinter or check.


Has a natural look if left unpainted. Can be stained or painted for a wide variety of styles.

Can vary from a plastic-like look to simulated wood grain. Usually available in a variety of colors, but cannot be painted.

Environmental Effect

Uses virgin natural resources, which requires the harvesting of lumber.

Both the wood and the plastic in a composite deck can come from recycled sources. The amount of recycled content varies between manufacturers.


Costs less than composite initially, but requires regular maintenance costs for the life of the deck.

Costs more than wood initially, but makes up for it in savings from maintenance costs.

WPC floor water repellency test WPC floor fire proofing test
Video of WPC floor water repellency test
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Video of WPC floor fire proofing test
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Video of WPC floor anti-pressure ability test
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indoor floor-wpc floor

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