We have repeatedly stressed everyone reduce or stop using plastic bag.But but ,most of us can shoppig with out a plastic t-shirt bag.WHY?
Cause the consumption habits can not be easy to be changed.As a supplier,we know there are still huge demand on plastic t shirt bag every day.In another words,There are still  huge damage to our environment.

The only reason that customers can not used the non woven handle bag or the degradable bag stead of plastic t shirt bags.Everyone used to the shape of the bag.Especially,the t-shirt shape

So,we always suggest our customers import the non woven t shirt bags in stead of plastic t shirt bags from us.Cause the normal plastic bag was not a biodegradable bag.But the OXO-biodegradable plastic bag was high on price.
Our non woven t shirt bags remains same shape to plastic t shirt bag.But it was Biodegradable and reusable.

Most important of all, used more non woven t shirt bags  in stead of plastic t shirt bags,will greatly reduce environmental pollution.
OK,if the merket in your loacl can be accept this type ECO friendly bag.
Just CLICK below images of the non woven t-shirt bags and send us a inquiry.

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