CHN-Lid-006Paper cup/bowl lid(plastic lid)

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Paper cup/bowl lid(plastic lid)

NO. CHN-Lid-006

Paper cup/bowl lid(plastic lid)
Surface:Dome lid(sip lid)

Sip lids are used for hot drinks on paper cups. They have a perfectly shaped sipping hole on one side which makes them suitable for takeaway coffee and hot drinks when you are on the move, near office equipment or in meetings or lectures! Coffee also seems to taste better when drinking through one of these as you get the perfect mixture of froth and coffee. The consumer will drink the drink slower as they sip the drink, this tends to make it last longer. They effectively keep the drink warm for longer and prevent spillages.
View a video of the lid in use.
Food grade PS,PP,PVC,PET,BOPS(eco-friendly,sanitation)
Color: white,black,gray,golden and more (
Choose more colors from our color chart)
Size available: for 6.5OZ,7OZ,8OZ,10OZ,12OZ,16OZ,22OZ,30OZ
Minimum order quantity: 200,000 pieces
Daily production output: 1000,000 pieces
Inventory status: Out of stock
Advantage: made from 100% virgin material,

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