What is plate charges?

2010-9-26 1:12:07

Polymer plates are used to print custom designs on plastic.
These are made from scratch and we charge only for materials used.
If the artwork for printing was customized,And the order quantity less than our specified FPQ (free plate order quantity).
That will be cost few plate charges.

Plates are stored for 24 months. During this time, exact reorders do not request plate charges again.
When the order quantity(to the same size with same printing items) amount to our FPQ (free plate order quantity).
We will back you the total plate charges.

Due to we have different printing processes and for different size,material,artworks,
The FPQ (free plate order quantity) and plate charge were different.
Hereby,please contact our sales to confirm if the order will cost the plate charges or not before order.

Contact our sales,Click here

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