What is the difference between PP woven bag and PP non woven bag?

2012-6-12 20:52:23

Tongcheng Tianbai Plastic Co.,Ltd. was a professional PP woven bag and PP non woven bag manufacturer in China. And we also have all styles of PP woven bag and PP non woven bag now,today we will introduce the difference between PP woven bag and PP non woven bag.


PP Woven Bag widely used for all kinds of things packing, widely used in industry.
The main raw material is polypropylene in Plastic sacks,the extrusion,stretching into flat silk,then the weaving,making bag and in it.
The base material of Composite plastic sacks is plastic weaving cloth.The series of products for packaging powder or granular solid materials and flexible items.

Woven polypropylene bags are used for various applications in the feed, seed, mineral, fiber & construction industries. These bags are sturdy, strong and tear resistant.

Smaller size PP woven bags are commonly used for sand bags and are available with UV protection and a tie string, or they can be easily closed with a wire tie. They are also widely used for gravel, aggregates, debris, building materials and construction.
Medium size PP woven bags are used for the feed and grain industry, grass seed, rice, corn, beans / pulses, chemicals, coal, salt, small prts, and other dry materials.
Larger size PP woven bags used for debris removal and cleaning, bulky materials, couriers, storage and more.


non woven bag

Non woven bag is a kind of green product,tough and durable,beautiful modelling,good air permeability,can repeat use,can wash,can screen printing advertisements,marks,life is long,suitable for any company,any industry as a advertising gift.Consumers in shopping at the same time,got a nice non woven bag,and stores to get the invisible advertising,kill two birds with one stone,non-woven fabric on the market has become more and more popular.

Non wove bags for shopping as the raw material,it is a new generation of environmental protection material,has moisture-proof,breathable,flexibility,qualitative light,not the combustion,easy decomposition, non-toxic without excitant,rich color,low cost,can be reused etc.The material in outdoor 90 days can be natural decomposition,park is indoor use life for 5 years,when burning non-toxic,tasteless,and left without any substances,thereby polluting the environment,be internationally recognized for protection of the earth's ecological environmental protection product.

Making Woven PP first required to have continuous fibers. These fibers are then converted into fabric by using various types of looms such as Weaving or knitting.


The difference between a woven and non-woven is the fabric technical strenght.Woven fabrics can have much higher strength than that of NW of same GSM. There are various other differences based on the method of manufacturing, material used, etc.

In a Spunlaid non-woven the fibers are directly taken onto a moving web arranging them randomly. The unprocessed web looks somewhat similar to that of a cotton. This fibers on this web are then bound together Thermally or Mechanically.

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Tongcheng Tianbai Plastic Co.,Ltd. was a professional PP woven bag and PP non woven bag manufacturer in China.Our main related products include:

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