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2015-7-6 1:31:54
Tongcheng Tianbai Plastic Co.,Ltd. was a professional bopp packing tape and different kinds of warning tape manufacturer in China.Today we will introduce our bopp packing tape and warning tapes for you.
Bopp Packing tape also called Bopp tape,packing tape,it is made of BOPP(kind of polypropylene),coated with glue,and printing with customized company logo or name,then cutting into different specifications ranging from small to big rolls by slitting machine.It is widely used in light industry 、companies and personal life.The correct English name of it is: Packing Tape.

Property of the high quality and high-performance packing tape is even in extreme climate it can also used to packing goods and delivery of the container very well and to avoid the goods stolen and illegal opening of the goods.

Different Kinds of Bopp Packing Tape

Normal size of the bopp packing tapes:
Normal width of the packing tape are 4.5cm,4.8cm,5cm and 5.2cm,but we can make it based on customer request.About the length of the tape will based on the usage,Length always use meter or yard(1yard=0.9144m).If it is used for tape cutter,the best length us 100m and 120m.

The normal size of the paper core is 7.6cm(3"),the paper core has logo of our company,but we can also make white paper core withour our logo,if you need custom your own logo,the quantity must be very large.

How to identify the best packing tapes:
So many customers think the best packing tape must feel very sticky,in fact it is not correct,the gule has direct influence the usage of the packing tape.

1、There are 2 standard to identify the good and bad packing tape: one is initial adhesion,the other is retentivity,this two is inversely proportional. 
2、Generally speaking if viscous force less than 10,the packing tape is not covered with enough glue,usually just about 20micron,such as stationery tape and promotional bundles tapes.The normal OPP packing tape for carton and intustry ,initial adhesion must between 15-20,the thickness of such glue must between 22-28micron,this is the standard thickness.
3、The one influence the price of the packing tape is not only the size of it,but also the tightness once making rolls.If the roll is very loose,it will look very big.

About the warning tapes:
Warning tape also called barrier strips ,caution tape and isolation strip,made of high quality PE(or PVC ,OPP/Al/PE compound material),printing the warning letters or  zebra stripes on it.the color of warning tape is very bright,looks beautuful and suitable for any environment,cheap price and with good tensile strength.

Widely used in Constructing District,Dangerous Area,and isolation of Traffic Accident,And also in electronic circuit troubleshooting,road administration ,block of the environment-friendly project.This product is the the most convenient and economic isolation product.Division of the load and unload of the goods,busy area;usually used cooperatively with traffic warning column in hotel,sporting place and shopping mall.

Different Kinds of the Warning Tapes:


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We welcome your kind inquiry and looking forward to building up the friendly cooperation with each other.

Thank you!


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