Stretch Film&Shrink Film

2015/4/13 1:30:12

Stretch Film

Stretch film mainly means the PE stretch film.

It can be divided into three categories by the way it is used generally :

1.Hand use stretch film used for hand-packed way,this one require general quality,the weight per roll is about 4KG ,

   then it is easy to operate by hand.

2.Machine use stretch film: used for mechanical packaging, it is packed by the movement of goods,this one 

   has certain requirement for elongation, tensile strength,generally 300% elongation required, the weight 

   per roll is generally about 15KG.

3.Machine use pre-stretch film: also used for mechanical packaging, packaging machinery firstly stretch 

   the film to a certain percentage strength ,then wrap the goods, then tighten goods by film's resilient.   

   This one requires high-quality with high tensile strength, elongation and puncture resistance.


1. With high transparency, no discoloration, good self-adhesive, good retraction ratio, good retracting ratio,

    good tensile properties, 1 meter can be on 3-5 meters use.

2. Non-toxic, tear-resistant, anti-puncture, hot temperature endurable; 

3. Water-proof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion 

4. Pallet Wrap Film (LLDPE Stretch Film) is produced by three layer common extruding machine, it provided 

     excellent protection for the surface of packed products. It can reduce packaging cost, its economical, 

     labor saving. Efficiency, increasing. It is easy to use and remove, suitable for palletized packing of products and transportation operation.

5.Economical materials of unitizing,no harmful to environment


1.Pallet packaging, carton packaging, wrapping bulk goods, daily necessities packaging.

   Pallet stretch film:Hand use and machine use(more than 10kg net weight)

2.The film can be applied a large range of products for surface protection. They can be applied to metal 

products,glass products, stone products, wooden products, furniture, floors, handicrafts, carpets, 

plastics products, electronics products, household appliances and so on.


(1) Thickness: 18mic~50mic,Common:17/18/20/23/25/30mic

(2) Width: 0.05m-1.5m,Common:300/450/500mm

(3) Length: 100--10000m,Common:250/300/500/1000/1500m

(4)Paper core D/A:27/38/50/76MM,Common:50/76mm

(5) Color: transparent, colored

(6) Net weight: on buyer's option

(7) Packing: cartons,pallets,etc



Polyolefin(POF) shrink film

Shrink film is used in a variety of products sales and transportation.Its main function is stable,

cover and protect the product.Shrink film must have high durability,

good contractility and contraction stress.In the process of contraction, the film won't generate the hole.

The difference between shrink film and stretch film:

Shrink film is used with heat shrinkable machine, the material is crispy, when heat shrinkable machine blow to the shrink film ,

the film will contract by itself;Stretch film is softer than shrink film,which is mainly used for outside wrapping and packing,

such as pallet packing,carton packing.

POF Shrink film is used widely one.

POF shrink film mainly has single-wound,center folded,and tubular three types.

Specifications and Application:



Mainly used for lactic acid bacteria beverages, medicines,instant noodles, milk tea, health products, 

toys, stationery, daily necessities,such as outer packaging or packaging collection.



TIANBAI PLASTIC has been specialized in  plastic products for over 10year,we have produced many plastic products,

like plastic bags(garbage bag,produce bag,plastic t shirt bag,plastic die cut handle bag,medical waste bag,zip lock bag,pe shoe cover,

stretch film,shrink film,cling film,plastic cover,disposable pedicure SPA liner,etc

We welcome your kind inquiry and looking forward to building up the friendly cooperation with each other.

Thank you!



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