Disposable Liner For Spa Pedicure

2014-12-24 21:08:36

 The disposable pedicure liner is very popular now. Our disposable liners are designed to be the economical solution to the infection crisis. Technicians don’t have to place their their hands into the dirty water to drain. Customer also can enjoy the whirlpool action without concern of infections.


The Spa Disposable Liner fits all spa whirlpool basins. It is designed to work with Magna Jet Pipeless motors which detaches from the basin wall. Simply, remove magna jet assembly then insert the liner then place the jet assembly back on the designated location on motor.  To use, put liner inside the spa and wrap the elastic around the outer edges of the bowl. Use spa as directed. When done, put hole in bottom of liner by drain. When empty, toss liner away and replace with new one. For A Safe and Sanitary Pedicure, Minimizing Health Concerns* Durable Plastic Tub Liners which could be thrown out after every customer, thus limiting the chance of spreading bacterial, fungal, and viral diseases. Make sanitation and safety your biggest priority with the Disposable Liner, the new and improved pedicure spa liner. Convenient, stylish and disposable, these next generation pedicure spa liners significantly reduce the risk of bacterial infections and cross-contamination, giving every customer the satisfaction of a clean and safe pedicures every visit .


Our disposable liners are made with virgin plastic. Our liners now come with ridges for added strength and solidity - making the pedicure fast and effortless for the nail technician. The sizes, color ,thickness are all customized by our customers. Customers can design your own liners. Just contact us and Choice us to make your business more succeed in near future !


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