How to correct use cake decorating piping bag

2012-10-18 5:15:55

Cake decorating piping bag are often referred to as pastry bags or piping bags. They come in a variety of materials and sizes. The stronger and longer lasting the materials, the more expensive they are. For purposes of this entry, I am going to show you how to prepare and fill plastic disposable bags and reusable polyester bags, both easily found at your local craft store. I tend to prefer the disposable bags. They are intended to be thrown out after using but I hand wash them and usually get many uses out of each one before it starts to tear.

For most of my cake decorating needs I like to use a 12 inch bag but for larger jobs, or jobs that require large tips, I usually use a 16 inch bag. Filling pastries, piping whipped butter, mashed potatoes, deviled eggs, forming cookies, filling stuffed pasta and making fun shaped pancakes can all be done with a decorating bag. The size you use is really a personal choice dependent upon what is most comfortable for you and what you are using it for.

The technique for preparing and filling a pastry bag is very similar for both the disposable and polyester bags. The polyester bags are heavier duty and not transparent, like the disposable bags, so you have to look for ridges instead of depending on seeing everything through the bag.

When preparing a decorating bag you need to have these supplies at hand.

Your decorating bag, a coupler and coupler ring, a decorating tip, a pen, and a pair of scissors.

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