How to Install and use automatic shoe cover dispenser

2012-10-23 2:21:29

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How to Install automatic shoe cover dispenser?    

How to use automatic shoe cover dispenser?

Tianbai produce the newest product - automatic shoe cover dispenser,
Now we teach you how to Install and use automatic shoe cover dispenser.


shoe cover

First step:
Lift the top cap,and take the assembly slot out of the front slide way.

shoe cover Installation steps
Second step:
Along the direction of arrow on the assembly slot and packing bags(according the accordant direction),put shoe covers into the assembly slot,then remove the packaging bag.
shoe cover Installation steps
Third step:
Erect the installed shoe covers and assembly slot,and insert them into the back slot on the top.Then take out the assembly slot and connecting rod,and insert the assembly slot into the front slot on the top.
shoe cover Installation steps
Forth step:
Extract the front bezel,and pull out the first shoe cover from the front exit to the most singnificant end of the shoe cover machine.
shoe cover Installation steps
Fifth step:
Close the top cap.



shoe cover Installation steps

Using step:

Lift the foot,put the heel into a shoe cover and drag it back-ward horizontally until the shoe cover is completely putting on the shoes.

1. Make sure the red arrow on the assembly slot is in the same direction of the shoe covers while assembling the shoe covers.
2. The assembly slot must be aimed at the back slot first while insralling the shoe covers.At the same time,aim Type I retaining ring end at the front slot and push them down.
3. After installing the shoe covers,take out the assembly sloy anf the connecting rod,and put the assembly slot into slide slot at machine end.
4. While wearing shoe covers,please put your heel into a shoe cover and drag it backward horizontally and softly.
5. You can add shoe covers even there are existing shoe covers in shoe cover machine.but be must draw the assembly slot first and operate follow the operation instruction.
6. Please don't hold the shoe cover machine while wearing shoe covers.

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