The difference between Medical garbage bags and living garbage bags

2012-5-8 20:29:45


plastic garbage bagsTongcheng Tianbai Plastic Co.,Ltd. was a professional garbage bag manufacturer in China. And they also have all kinds of garbage bags now,today we will introduce the difference between living garbage bags and Medical garbage bags.

living garbage bags that we normally use,just as ordinary plastic garbage bags,it is black,used to hold living garbage.It is also thinner than Medical garbage bags, belongs to the ultra-thin plastic bags.


Medical garbage bags have black color also have yellow color,And the thickness is thick,the material is full of PE,safer and non-toxic,medical garbage bags is main supply for the hospital,that main have even mouth plastic bags and vest bag styles.

medical garbage bagsMedical garbage bags is used for costumes in addition to injury waste of medical waste disposal outside of primary packaging, normal use may not be leakage, broken, and perforation, moderate size and shape, easy to handle; Handling, should with the packing bag of medical wastes, reliable sealing and placed in the turnover, avoid packing bag burst of environmental pollution and leakage.

Medical and health institutions shall, according to the medical waste classified catalog of medical waste classification in in accord with the special packaging, medical waste containers standards and warning label set "bags or turnover box.If costumes infectious waste, should be on the packet charging "infectious waste," the words. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) shall not be used for the manufacture of plastic raw materials. In packaging or the tank of medical waste should not be removed. Patients of infectious diseases produce of medical waste disposal should use double packing materials, and seal in time.


Tongcheng Tianbai Plastic Co.,Ltd. was a professional garbage bag manufacturer in China.Our main garbage bags include:






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